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Thoughts 11: May Your Light Shine Bright

shine brightWe all know what we’re going up against and must understand why it is important that your light shine bright. We look around us and the state of which we live in and the people or things we’re surrounded by. Everything we desire and need is present. Everything we think and dream is real. Therefore, we have only to clear the path before us that takes us there.

I always hear people say nothing is easy, but I believe that nothing is hard either. It’s all in the mind and in our ability to shine bright. It’s as simple as taking your shirt off after getting home from work and as easy as putting a fork in your mouth while eating. I’d like to define it as what we all know as effort.

They say don’t talk about it, be about it. Speak what you say into existence. Dream it alive. Therefore, for you to shine bright, you must step into who you claim to be. Know that your light depends on your taking action. And your taking action depends on your having faith in your dream, realizing that everything you desire is yours for the taking.

The reality is, the only fantasy that exists is the one you fail to create. And the only one thing that stops you from creating is your lack of movement. When you move you groove and when you’re grooving, that little light of yours continues to shine so bright.

May Your Shine Guide You

Everything that I’ve ever been able to foresee has come to fruition. And every position I’ve wanted to hold, I’m proud to say I’ve held. It all starts with a vision, a thought, a burning desire for more to live in your light. We all shine whether we see it or not. We all stand out in our own special way. What allows our light to shine brightly is the action we take. A match brings no value unless we strike it and the light it produces brings no value when the sun is out.

May your light shine bright despite your circumstances because despite what you may be going through remember even a dim light feeds the dark. Even a dim light creates a path to a destination once unseen. So move forward, take action, and understand that you own your destiny for by no means could it own you. In the image of your creator, you gifted to create and within the light, you possess you were born to illuminate.

Losing hope is never an option in the midst of your greatness. That is only the case for many because of the energy they keep stored and refuse to share. This little light of yours, you’ve got to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Shine on!

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