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Episode #92 – Tips to Stop the Effect of Negative Thoughts

We all experience negative thoughts. That’s because we’re all living on planet earth. And within this planet, there’s what I call pollution. Now, this pollution is different from the ones we experience from an environmental standpoint. It’s the one we experience from a mental standpoint. Definitely one worth protecting against…

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Welcome to That Good ol Feelin Podcast

Now, more than ever, we are in dire need of a place where we can unwind, breathe, and take in all of the beautiful things this life has to offer. I’m talking about creating That Good ol Feelin – The Calm After the Storm. Join me as I aim to remind you why you should too.

These podcasts episodes are created to provide an option for those in need of experiencing, that good ol feelin. A motivational podcast you’ll find best to listen to. Along with the motivation, uplifting blogs/thoughts provided on a consistent basis. Don’t just pass by…have a seat. Read a book if you may.

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