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4 Best Gems to Repel Negativity

repel negativity

With the state we are currently living in, it is mandatory that we find ways to repel negativity. Not only are we surrounded by it, but at times, we can become the producer. Therefore, we must constantly be aware of the energy we keep both around us and within us.

There are many talks of gems or crystals and their ability to help us heal or repel bad energy. Although I’ve heard great things about them, my intention is to focus on how to repel negativity without them. In other words, we’ll be focusing on 4 gems that will help repel such vibes. You can do this by simply using the force from within.

The truth is, it’s easy to rely on gemstones to repel negative energy, but what good are you if they are not present. As I will continue to mention, inside of us are the forces, the energy necessary, to combat the negative. Why look outside for things we all possess inside of us?

While I respect everyone’s free will to carry crystals that repel negative energy, I’d like to refrain from neglecting the source, your source. From what the many users I know tell me, these crystals tend to even help relieve stress. As a matter of fact, research shows that different crystals have different purposes. Can you imagine how many of these gems you’d have to carry to combat your daily challenges? In order to lighten your load, I’ll provide you with 4 gems that you can actually carry within you every single day. The best thing about is, it bears no weight at all.

Repel Negativity Without the Load

Gem 1: Be Aware of What You Keep On Your Mind

I start every day with meditation so that I prepare my mind with what I want my focus to be. What your day relies on is nothing outside of you. Of course there are unforeseen occurrences, but to repel bad energy is to shift your mind. If you are able to create the day before it happens, you can fill it with substance. You can fill it with all the positivity you desire.

It’s simple, you claim it, it’s yours. You don’t really need gems to repel negativity, you need the mind to accept an alternative. If you want the day to be positive, that should always be your focus. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what stones you possess, a shift is always required. It isn’t that you need the stones to repel negative energy for they only serve as a reminder. But in reality, there is no greater reminder than that of meditation, the one tool that helps you shape the day.

Meditation is like the GPS to your day. All you need is to follow it through. You tell it where you want to go and you follow the path it creates for you to experience it as such. It’s just that simple.

Gem 2: Be Conscious of The Negativity You Keep Close

Who do you keep in your Circle? Do you just let anyone in? Why go through such meditation if you’re going to keep people aroundrepel negativity that share something different? One of the best ways to repel negativity is by filling your surroundings up with positivity. Keeping our minds pure is one thing, but our actions or that of others must compliment it as well.

What are your topics of conversation? What are the goals and thoughts of those around you? Are you being fed or are you being polluted? Would you ever store your favorite food amongst the spoil? If so, there’s a great chance it may not taste like your favorite anymore. The people you keep closest to you are very capable of influencing you whether you feel it or not.

Their habits become your habits. Their thoughts eventually become yours. So the best way to repel bad energy is to be aware of who you keep closest to you. It makes a difference.

Gem 3: Awareness Keeps the Mind On Track

Be present at all times. As an imperfect being, we are bound to fall short. The question is, are you aware of it? It’s not what happens to you or what you do, it’s how you rebound. And the best way to rebound is by first being aware that there’s something to change.

When you’re aware at all times, you assure yourself the best opportunity to grow. You can buy gems to repel negativity or you can pay attention through awareness. You can be the reminder or allow these outside material things to remind you. As I mentioned, we were all well equipped with the ability to propel ourselves by simply paying attention. Be present, be intentional as to what you want so that you are able to see where you are going. It not only keeps you on track, but it helps you sustain the path you are on.

Gem 4: Reset In Order to Repel Negativity

We’re all imperfect. There’s nothing we can do to change that. That’s all apart of our beauty. At one point or another we are all bound to fall. At some point we will all be faced with the decision to repel negative energy in our presence.

They say that when we fall that we must get back up, but hold on for a minute. Don’t go running. Reset so that you are able to give yourself a chance to start over. I don’t mean erase anything. I mean use your circumstances to allow you the opportunity to make right from the negative.

Learn, live, and grow. That is what life is all about. Every negative experience allows us an opportunity to create a positive one. Therefore use your experiences to your advantage. In order to repel negative energy, knowing what it looks like helps. So now that you know what it looks like, what will you look to do to prevent it from living inside of you?

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