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4 Simple Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude

positive attitude I’ve heard someone near me say one time that a positive attitude is hard to find these days. When did I ask why, they replied, “Well, who has that kind of energy? I mean, how can I be so positive all the time?”

While I can empathize with those that struggle with such, no one really enjoys being around negativity. So, would you rather be the person with the positive attitude, or are you content with being the energy drainer?

If you chose to be a distributor of positive energy, it’s important that you present a positive attitude. After all, who wants to be around someone that produces anything different? I know that life doesn’t always give us the sun, but isn’t the rain just as nurturing?

What are you doing that is actually pulling people towards you versus keeping them away? The reality is, it’s easier to connect with those that build you up and give you a warm fuzzy feeling. There are those you love around and those you do good to stay away from.

Let’s talk about you being the one everyone loves being around.

1. A Mind with A Positive Attitude

It’s hard to switch from a negative place to a positive one. If you take the time to think about it, positivity is not what we’re presented with. It wasn’t until I provided myself with another option, that was I able to see what life with a positive attitude could look like.

The best way to strengthen your mind in a positive direction is by investing more time in positive things. Think about positive affirmations for a minute. These are the very words we store in our minds that have the ability to shift the way we think.

So take the time, long before the day has begun, to fill your mind up with what you want it to produce. If it is a positive attitude you seek to obtain, it’s with positive things you should look to fill it with. Just like anything, you do it enough and it becomes a part of you.

2. Look for What Feeds A Positive Attitude

Ever had that one friend or acquaintance that would match every positive with a negative? They tend to find the wrong or bad in all the things they do. But on the flip side, someone that carries a positive attitude tends to find the good in all things. positive attitudeI always looked at life as being 50/50. That shows me that if I do nothing, my odds are just as bad as they are good. With that, I have the choice to decide what angle of life I wanted to live. Was that the glass was half empty, or was it that it was actually half full?

So if you want to take the good out of the bad, look for it. The truth is, within every unfortunate event lies a bit of light. It’s up to us to seek and find it.

3. Be Kindness

The reality of life is that we don’t have to do anything at all to live. But the way in which we aim to live is something we must be intentional about. Therefore, part of keeping a positive attitude is doing things that are positive. Being kind doesn’t cost you a thing, does it?

The more kind you seek to be, the more kindness you should look to project. Have you ever been in a waiting room with an elderly person in need of a seat? The kind thing to do would be to trade her standing in for your seat, wouldn’t it? Better yet, a simple thank you could go a long way.

4. A Smile Produces A Positive Attitude

You heard the saying, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away right? Well, my motto is, a smile a day keeps negativity away. A positive attitude follows the output of your actions. Therefore, if it is beauty you project, beauty you will see.

It’s all a decision. Just like the clothes you wear or the things you do. You could choose to get upset about the way people treat you, or you can decide to show them what good treatment is like. Your positive attitude has the ability to break down mountains simply through your reactions.

We all have a choice. And the choices we make either bring us closer to the life we choose or further apart from it. So, what choice have you made? Have you chosen positivity or have you chosen the opposite? Something tells me that positivity suits you best.

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