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5 Stages in a Dating Relationship

dating relationship stage

We all know that the time will come when that topic will come up. Truth is, few of us know of dating relationship stages and how to approach it as a whole. Most of us see the bond long before any steps are made, seeing the end goal as primary.

But as we love to say it, there are levels to this and these levels represent the different stages many experiences. Or maybe they may just be the steps that many tend to overlook. If you are unaware of these dating relationship stages, there’s a great chance we may be moving too fast.

The benefit of understanding these different dating relationship stages is understanding what is needed at a given time. That means that there are certain stages that allow us to simmer down a bit so that we get the most of it. Without further or due, let’s jump right into what these steps are.

1. The Illusion

When we first think about a relationship, what is the first thing that tends to come to our minds? How do we naturally envision being in a relationship? Or better yet, what do dating relationship stages mean to us? Do we even see it in such stages?

The truth is, many of us enter the dating world without knowing anything about it. All we see is its beauty without any understanding of how to go about creating it. We see what an ideal relationship should be like instead of what we actually want it to be. So the question remains, if this is what I want, how do I go about creating it?

Better yet, what do I want and how will I know I’ve attained it?

2. What Attracts Us

Of course, with any connection, there must be a commonality. With any connection, there must be some sort of pull, right? When it’s all said and done, we are all attracted to one another for different reasons. For some, good luck does it. Whereas, for some others, a kind soul tends to be enough.

dating relationship stage

Whatever it is that intrigues us to get to know someone when it presents itself, our antennas go up. The question is, how does what attracts you keep you wanting more? After all, it is a sustainable relationship you’re looking to build right? One that endures the test of time?

3. What Keeps Us Connected

During this dating relationship stage, we are past the initial connection. We all know what happens next, right? Just like in Monopoly, we collect before we go. Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction, you move on to the next stage.

In this stage, you’re more open to giving and receiving more. You’ve already identified that it’s worth it. Now, you dig a bit more just to see if it is REALLY worth it. It’s as if we take each step cautiously before being open to more.

Regardless of what dating relationship stage you find yourself in, the goal remains the same. We are all trying to get to the finish line. Along the way, we allow ourselves the chance to smell the roses along the way. Here, we continue to search, listen and find our way to determining if it is all worth it.

5. The Final Dating Relationship Stage – Commitment

Now, this is where we all aspire to be. We meet, talk, and learn, only to make sure if this one should stick. After we’ve put in all the time we can possibly invest, we only pray that our findings help us determine our new beginning. You know, the end relationship you were longing for?dating relationship stage In this final stage, you’ve taken all of the qualities you’ve experienced to determine your current place. For the sake of positivity, you were able to take all of the discovered goods to determine your commitment to your new future.

In this final stage, we vow to be exclusive with the one we’ve chosen. We vow to be on the path of continuous learning. This means for the entirety of our relationship we look to learn and grow from where we are to what it is we are trying to build.

This dating relationship stage allows us all the deep discovering we’ll need to determine if this commitment needs to be cemented. Our goal in this stage is to dot our I’s and cross our T’s before we decide to say, I DO. Because, for most of us, this is the point of no return. This is it, as many put it.

We seek to learn about our mate’s family, work ethic, and personal commitment to your relationship. We do this to ensure we’ve selected the best, father, mother, wife, husband, and friend. What we seek is not just something we desire, but more something we want to last forever.

For most of us, this dating relationship stage is the most critical. That’s because we are allowing ourselves one last chance before we really go ALL IN. Many usually stay here for as long as their joy or fears allow them. But once we’re passed it, it’s forward movement from here. Cherish that!

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