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5 Ways to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others


Ever seen someone with the ability to memorize events or experiences when needed? Unfortunately, that is not common among us average folks. That’s because, most of us, tend to forget far more than we can remember.

We are all amazing beyond imagination and are capable of doing the unthinkable. I’ll focus on sharing with you the tips that will help you tap into your memory when and where you need it. Nothing new is easy, but with time, following this formula will help you memorize the forgotten.

We all have these amazing brains, far more powerful than any computer hard drive. Despite that, the space within our brains is a bit limited. Even the sharpest of us can’t remember every little detail. Let’s face it, I don’t tend to keep what I don’t use.

Much research had been conducted and much research has proven that our ability to memorize is based on how often we need it. Studies have proven that, as humans, we tend to forget 50% of something new just 1 hour of being taught it. A day later it goes down to 30%.

It’s clear to see, that with time, our ability to memorize decreases.

The Ability to Memorize Quicker

If you’ve gone through schooling before, then this is a bit familiar to you. When you want to memorize something quickly, simply utilize it only once, then forget about it. It takes me back to my exam days back in college.

In order to memorize something quickly, it’s important that we repeat it constantly. Even after learning, it is important to apply repetition. You don’t have to remain stuck in your repetition. I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes stepping away brings me closer. memorize

Too many times do we want what we want when we want it. But sometimes a bit of patience is necessary. It’s easy to get stuck into that trap while constantly hitting your head against the wall to regain traction.

It’s easy to recap something, the closer you are to the event. But as time moves forward, how do you memorize for an extended period of time? We all live for today, but we all long for tomorrow. Therefore remembering things for a longer period requires more work.

    • Repeat what you are trying to learn immediately after learning it. Then try to repeat the process after 20 or 30 minutes.
    • Your third attempt should be after one day.
    • Then try to repeat again after two or three weeks.
    • Finally, after two or three months go for a final round.

When we apply ourselves this way, our chances of memorizing long-term increase drastically. The brain retains and allows us to retrieve what we put into it. But it is important that we return to the information we started with.

Here are 5 ways you can start to memorize things faster than most can.

1. Understand the Lesson

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in situations before where I didn’t get anything that was being taught. It tends to be rough. It’s almost like trying to learn a new language you’ve never been exposed to.

It makes it tough to memorize something you don’t understand because if you don’t remember it all, it’s hard to move forward. When we remember the order and not the actual meaning, it loses its existence within our memory bank.

Many times we just want to memorize what we are reading without understanding. That’s because we may be more concerned with getting it over with, than actually investing time in learning it thoroughly. Take the time to read EVERYTHING then figure out what the main points are.

2. Memorize Only What You need

Feeling like your cup is full? It happens to the best of us. Setting your priorities serves you well because it prevents dead weight. That means, there is no need to focus on things that you can do without. Memorize only the key factors. Delegate the small things.

2. Learn to Focus on the Opposite

When you think of opposites, they are not that hard to memorize. If you’re focusing on learning a new language, try to do so at the beginning or end of the day. It helps bind the two events your mind keeps. Forgetting one part may be helped by the second.

3. Build Your Mind’s Home

In building your mind’s home, we want to focus on associating things to memorize with an object. If you are studying on the road, what is it you are encountering that you have the ability to connect to what you are seeing? For example, a donut with a car tire.

4. Nail Words Help Memorize Better

When you think about a nail word, what comes to mind? The point of it is to help you connect one thing with another. Back in college, I was using this method without even realizing it. Because I speak multiple languages, French being one of them, it made it possible. memorizeBecause a lot of the painters I was studying had French names, I was able to find an association between what was going on in the painting and the names attached to them. It helped because every time I saw the painting, the name came automatically. It also earned me straight As along the way.

5. Create Stories that Help

Another way to memorize a lot of information in a certain order, try to create a story from it. It’s from the story you will be able to connect one piece to the next. If you were to accidentally forget anything, you can recall it through the next part of the story.

That way, you will be operating off more than just memorizing alone. You will be operating with the idea of understanding and comprehension. That is what makes remembering something much easier.

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