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5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

negative energy

In a world with so much division, how do you protect yourself from such negative energy? It’s far too easier to allow yourself to be changed by what you experience. After all, we are all shaped by our encounters. Therefore, if your energy is taking a hit based on the ones you surround yourself with, you might want to continue reading.

Below, you’ll find 5 different ways you can start to protect yourself from negative energy:

1. Redirect Your Focus

Life can be challenging at times. But the truth is, despite the many questions we ask, the answers are out there. In other words, why spend all of your time on the challenge when the answer exists. At the end of the day, what you focus on the most is where your energy will flow. And where lies your focus lies your mind’s consumption. The question is, what do you want to be consumed by?

2. Accept the Things You Can’t Control

The unforeseen is bound to happen. We all experience it at one point or another. These things, we have no control over. Our staying there is what invites negative energy, so why stay there? I’ve learned over the years that when I accept the things I cannot control, they no longer present a threat. They automatically become average, basic. Therefore, why hold on to things that only end up weighing you down?

3. Do Not React to Negative Energy

negative energy

Removing negative energy from your life requires that you not react to it. When you respond, you think it through, finding clarity towards what is needed. But by reacting you allow yourself to be controlled by the situation at hand. Put some thought behind what’s in front of you so you’re better able to address it. As they say, it’s not what you do, but how you do it that counts.

4. Revisit the Ones You Keep Close

Studies prove that you are, in fact, who you keep closest to you. Therefore, it is important that you are mindful as to who you surround yourself with. Not only that, but people change. Because of this, we may need to revisit the ones that may have formed a sphere of negative energy around them. Hang around them long enough and you start to become the extension of what they represent.

You become a conduit at which their energy grows. Positive and negative energy don’t jive, so why stay there? Before coming any closer, stop, and ask yourself, how does their company affect my being?

5. Shield Negative Energy with A smile

The best way to protect yourself from negative energy is by keeping a smile. People who live in such a space stay away from smiles. A smile to those is what kryptonite is to Superman. They love their misery too much than to allow any ray of light in.

protect from negative energy

Smile as much as you can so that your light blinds them. Only those who seek a smile are able to see through the light you shine. They will feel what they are more likely to seek. You not only attract the like-minded but simultaneously repel the negative energy others have to offer.


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