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    Feel the Life You Live: 7 Commandments to Live and Die By (Soft Cover)

    [sharethis-inline-buttons] Everyone wants to live a full life. But due to fast-paced living, we tend to allow our quality of living to take a back seat. Living in such a media infested society doesn’t help either. Because of social media, many now have the ability to transmit information, creating more of a blur around our becoming... Read more
  • I Quit

    I QUIT! Trading in Six-Figures for Freedom (Soft Cover)

    [sharethis-inline-buttons] We give up a lot of things when we commit to a life that fails to contribute to the way we feel life. Many of us wake up and drag ourselves out of bed morning after morning to go to jobs we are not passionate about, jobs we don’t feel good about. During the course of the day, we constantly watch the time, impatiently waiting to head home. That’s why I QUIT... Read more
  • That Good ol Feelin Book (Soft Cover)

    That Good ol Feelin: Creating the Love You Desire (Soft Cover)

    [sharethis-inline-buttons] Society often attempts to guide or walk us through life with a magnitude of expectations and values that truly misrepresent who we are as individuals. What we are and what we love tends to be measured against society’s standards and not that of our own...   Read more
  • This Little Light of Mine


    [sharethis-inline-buttons] This Little Light of Mine illustrates the power of embracing and accepting who you are so that you SHINE, giving the best version of you to the world. Read more
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Episode #42 – You are More than Enough

Just in case you have not been told lately, you’re more than enough. You should know that by now, or maybe you’ve been told otherwise. It’s either you are affected by the outside noise or your inner voice has failed you. Either way, I’m here to tell you, you are adequate […]

Episode #41 – Allow Your 2020 Vote to Count

Now, more than ever, is the time to vote. Every media outlet, most celebrities, and almost everyone you run in these days feel the urgency to do so. They not only feel the urge to do so themselves, but they also feel the need to influence others as well […]

The Truth Could Never Hurt A Soul

The Truth Could Never Hurt A Soul

They say the truth sets you free, but without it, many words left unspoken. As pure as it comes, many find it hard to live within the realms of honesty. Better yet, many don’t even know how to or where to begin. But the reality of it all is, it sets you free […]

Episode #40 – Reigniting Your Life with Passion

If your circumstances don’t allow you the joy you seek, it’s best you start reigniting your life with something deeper. That is the only way you can assure the quality of life you deserve. We are all going through life, one way or another. Every page we turn provides us with another opportunity […]

Episode #39 – Live Through the Loss of A Loved One

It’s hard when dealing with the loss of a loved one. There’s no doubt about it. It’s the most human feeling we all deal with. No matter what walks of life we all come from, dealing with death is just one thing we all find hard to deal with […]


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