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Best Self Care Practices for a Healthy Mind and Body

self care practices

When we hear – self care practices, the first thing that comes to mind is taking care of our body. Getting good soaps, body creams, eating good food and exercising. But self care practices don’t end there. It goes on further to include the mind and every aspect of our being.

Detoxifying your mind, soul and body should be the top priority in your life. Do not allow the daily stress of the day to tell on you. This can take a toll on your happiness and health in the long run. Hence the need to develop self care ritual for a healthy mind and body is inherent. We would be reviewing some of the best ways to practice self care in this post for optimum living conditions:

Take A Break

The pressure of everyday work and bustle is enough to bring anybody down in not so long a time. It’s pertinent to learn to take a break to avoid burnouts. Learn to leave your desk, take vacations, go on leave, take your breaks. Learn always to leave work at the office and go home to enjoy the company of your family and loved ones. Give yourself rest; your body and mind deserve it. It even helps keep you sharp and alert to take on more work subsequently.

It doesn’t mean you are lazy when you decide to take rests. This means you value your body and take yourself seriously. Learn to give yourself that respect that is due. Take a rest!


Exercise not only caters to your physical wellbeing it also helps cleanse the mind. Early morning exercise or in the evenings after work helps detoxify the mind and body. Going for runs or taking brisk walks serves to help you relax and loosen all tense nerves in the body. Moreover, the endorphins that activity produces enables you to relax and connects you more with your surroundings. You can also choose to do Yoga. Just keep that body moving.

self care practices

Eat Good Food

You can engage in proper self care practices without eating right. Good food equals a healthy mind and body. Society today has conditioned most of us to eat junk and foods packed with calories. Cut down on those fatty foods. Go for vegetables instead of burgers, water instead of sodas, fruits instead of chocolates and sweets. Mind what you eat as this not only helps guarantee that your body is well catered to but also that you have a clear mind. Good food also gives a sound mind.

Engage in New Things 

One of the ways to practice self care is trying out new things. Redundancy or keeping to the old ways of doing things can bring about brain drain. Venturing into new can give you a whiff of fresh air. Venturing into a new business, new job, new daily routine can change your whole outlook and perspective on life. Trying out something new can rejuvenate your body and re-invigorate your mind. Try something new. It might necessarily not something as serious as business or your job. It could just be your furniture or what you do every night. Trying new things refreshes the body and  mind.’

Proclaim Right Affirmations and Protect Your Energy 

Talking to yourself and proclaiming positive things to yourself is one of the best ways to administer self care for the mind. Self care habits of protecting your energy and speaking life into your being should be a daily self care ritual that would enrich your mind and body. The body has an uncanny way of adjusting to the way the mind feels. So feed your mind with the right words and energy, and your body would follow suit.

Practicing good self care habits would help ensure a healthy body and healthy mind. The above-stated points are a few of the many ways you can re-engineer your life to work well to fulfil your destiny.


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