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Bright Ideas to Forge Your Own Path to Success

forge your own path

The idea that your own path to success is real to you brings me so much satisfaction. Therefore it’s important that you acknowledge what forging your own path means to the world around us. Just in case you haven’t been made to feel it, you matter.

The world has crafted one hell of a journey for you. But that’s if you accept it. Whatever route you choose to follow, know that when you make your own path, you create a way for others. As unique pieces to the puzzle of life, we all have something precious to offer.

Success is measured differently. It measures what we all value most. In other words, if you care about the environment, you may choose the path to volunteer your time. If you care about financially stabilizing your family, your path to increase your income will be a priority. Therefore, what consumes you most is what will dominate your life.

When you forge your way into this world you’re creating life on your terms. We each have an amazing life to live. And we each have the ability to create amazingness. So when you appreciate and embrace your freedom to create your own path to success, doors open.

So many of us continue to live in fear. What do you really want? Are you where you want to be or are you hanging on for dear life? What are you waiting for? What stands between you and what you really want? When will you forge a path worth living?

The Leap of a Lifetime

I know what they’re thinking. The hardest part isn’t making the leap. The hardest part is dealing with the opinions of others, their fears. We can deal with our uncertainty more than we can deal with theirs.

Make the jump. I know it’s hard, but it’s harder to take their path than to forge your own path. When you’re walking your path everything feels right. That is where true freedom is felt. Does it mean anything forge your pathto you to live freely?

The days of showing up to a job that doesn’t fill should end. After all, our time here is short. So why not live it paving a path we find worth living? Why not take the risks necessary to live our true living? Nothing is really hard but the decisions we make in our lives. We choose easy instead of better and accept ok instead of thriving for best.

I know the path to success is hard, no matter what your path looks like. Creating your own path where no roads exist is never easy. You’re choosing to do something that has never been done. The path you choose may be one only you can help yourself in. You may be creating something no one understands but you. I know sometimes our lack of guidance can cause us to neglect the many answers we possess.

That’s ok. Not everyone was made to understand your vision. Not everyone was made to understand your mission. You should be your biggest fan. As long as that stands true, skies the limit. We all have the ability to allow ourselves the life we truly deserve. It’s all based on how we view it.

Your Path Deserves you Now

There’s no use waiting a minute, not even a second. Your path deserves your attention, now, more than ever. Like my high school professor, Mr. Rutledge always said, “That right hand on that clock keeps ticking…” He was trying to teach us just how valuable life is and how time, we’ll never get back. He was trying to say, once you’re gone, that right hand never stops ticking. Life goes on.

That was hard for me to grasp, but it remains true. Time is one of our most undervalued assets. We’re made to focus more on spending our time instead of how we do so. Spending time means nothing if we aren’t filling ourselves in the process.

So, I’ll ask again:

    • What do you want, at this very moment?
    • How would it make you feel to obtain it?
    • What are you doing to create what it is you want?
    • What would it mean if you weren’t able to get what you want?
    • Would you be ok with life? Living?
    • Is your reason for not doing what you love valid or is fear guiding you?
    • Are you free? If not, how have you contributed to the lack of freedom?
    • Or are you ready to create your own path despite fear?

make your path

I hope that your answers allowed you to create your own. I hope that your answers have left you in the driver’s seat and fear in the back. This one life that you have, you are responsible for. So do right by yourself. Do right by the life you always wanted to create. Most importantly, do right by life. Because without your true representative, the puzzle remains incomplete. Therefore, for your piece to matter, you must shine.

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