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Calmness is to Those Whom Seek Peace of Mind

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Those who look to live in a world of calm seek peace of mind. It’s a beautiful pursuit to living. No matter what you do, if it is in the name of peace, there could be no harm. Because when you submit to a peaceful way of living you understand just how important your contributions are to making it possible.

The opportunity is before us every day and the final choice is always ours to choose. Will we seek peace of mind or will we accept chaos? It isn’t a matter of how, it’s a matter of when. It all depends on an internal output that cannot be ignored. Seek peace not by being quiet. Rather, bring about this world through words, through actions, through living in humanity.

Peace is contributed from our environment, but more so from our state of minds. The best peace isn’t from what you hear, but rather, what you feel. When you seek peace of mind, you seek a way of life, a peaceful way of being.

Things happen on a day to day that we have no control over. It’s not what happens, it’s about how you react to it. When we seek peace of mind, we don’t look to win, we look to live. Jennifer Weinberg, a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician and author, share the following:

“To avoid the buildup of toxic emotions, you need to remain present and aware. Paying attention allows you to identify emotions as they arise, process them, and choose how you react. One way to effectively express, feel, and get your feelings out is to talk about them. This can be done out loud by speaking with a trusted friend or therapist—or on paper through a journaling practice.”


No matter what state we are in and what is going on around us, a message is always being shared. The question is, how connected are we to the moments that present themselves to us? To seek peace of mind is to be present to what the world around us is saying. Being peaceful means that you process for the sake of understanding so that you are better able to react if need be.

Stay in the moment so that we are able to stay more present. When we stay in the present we are better able to process things in a more peaceful state. Things flow in like the win and we are able to understand them more as they come in. Like the waves formed in the ocean the more smooth our transition to enlightenment is.

In order for us to seek peace of mind, we must understand that having that mindset doesn’t eliminate evil. Having that peaceful mindset helps us deal with or process the evil we will encounter. This state of peace allows us to make decisions in a calm manner. Peace let’s us know that we may not get what we want, but will create what we want from it.

My favorite place to be is near the ocean because he reminds me how my mind should be. Although the ocean my splash against the hardest objects, the sounds it gives off are rather soothing, even peaceful. If like water, when we encounter an obstacle, we finesse our way around it, no pain is invited. It’s more like a smooth transition with little to know effort.

Don’t Force Peace Invite it


We all have a life we desire and all hope to peacefully get there at some point. The ideal scenario would be one without push back. But the realistic scenario allows us to navigate through despite of what stands in our way.

In all reality, nothing really stands in our way but ourselves. The peace we seek is only clouded by the internal noise we create within. Once we silence the chaos within, we open the doors to a harmonic, peaceful environment for us to excel in.

Peace isn’t something we’ll ever be given. It’ll always be a space that we all have the ability to construct for ourselves. We all have the capacity and the power to build our space of calmness, our space of peace. You’ll find that even when in silence, you can hear yourself speak, at times louder. And you’ll find that the things you say feel a lot more meaningful.

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