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  • set your goals

    Set Your Goals and Achieve Them Successfully

    What are your dreams and how do you set your goals in achieving them successfully? We all have dreams and we all know what it means to us to achieve them. The question, what are we willing to do to achieve that feelin. Because if it's worth achieving, it's worth working towards...

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  • get rid of stress

    The Best Activities to Get Rid of Stress

    As imperfect BEINGS we all deal with the effects of life, but how do we get rid of the stress that comes along with it? Although what we feel is internal, what drives them are all external. I say this because inside of us, all is well...

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  • aim high

    How to Think Big and Aim High to Succeed in Life

    Anyone who wants to accomplish anything major must aim high. The truth is, when you think big, you are able to create something worth reaching for. Anyone that has ever created something big, something that lives past their existence has aimed high. If not for their level of thinking how could we continue to experience their success...

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  • stay motivated

    The Best Secrets to Stay Motivated Every Day in Life

    We all have dreams or desires we want to realize, but how do we stay motivated in making them come true? Whether it be our belief systems or that of others, we are somehow separated from the things we want. The question is, how do we get back on the right track? How do we let go so that we allow these desires to enter...

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  • stop expecting

    How Can You Stop Expecting Anything From Others?

    How can I stop expecting anything from others? After all, am I not the primary person that owes me everything? Too many times do we put on others the responsibility we should put on ourselves. I think it's completely fine to have expectations, but it's imperative that we stop expecting from others...

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  • build good working relationships

    Easy Ways to Build Good Working Relationship

    Many of us are still getting adjusted to this new normal and find it hard to build good working relationships. The introduction to COVID-19 has caused a shift in the way we interact with others around us. You'd be surprised to see how a single cough can change the dynamics in a room. By the end of this article, I hope that you've gained the confidence to improve work relationships...

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  • feel happier

    How to Avoid Negativity and Feel Happier

    The best way to experience a happier life is by continuing to avoid negativity. It's everywhere. Therefore, in order to maintain that feelin, we must do what we must to avoid negative thoughts. But with a world driven by social media sharing the world's opinion, how do we do so...

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  • reduce stress

    Activities to Reduce Stress and Keep You Cool

    Stress is one of the most common human experiences.  Regardless of race, sex, background, and age, no one can avoid the overwhelming burden of stress. Studies show that over 77 percent of adults experience stress levels that negatively affect the mental and physical well being. Time seems to fly by and we often find ourselves without practical stress release...

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Recent Posts: That Good ol Feelin

Episode #42 – You are More than Enough

Just in case you have not been told lately, you’re more than enough. You should know that by now, or maybe you’ve been told otherwise. It’s either you are affected by the outside noise or your inner voice has failed you. Either way, I’m here to tell you, you are adequate […]

Episode #41 – Allow Your 2020 Vote to Count

Now, more than ever, is the time to vote. Every media outlet, most celebrities, and almost everyone you run in these days feel the urgency to do so. They not only feel the urge to do so themselves, but they also feel the need to influence others as well […]

The Truth Could Never Hurt A Soul

The Truth Could Never Hurt A Soul

They say the truth sets you free, but without it, many words left unspoken. As pure as it comes, many find it hard to live within the realms of honesty. Better yet, many don’t even know how to or where to begin. But the reality of it all is, it sets you free […]

Episode #40 – Reigniting Your Life with Passion

If your circumstances don’t allow you the joy you seek, it’s best you start reigniting your life with something deeper. That is the only way you can assure the quality of life you deserve. We are all going through life, one way or another. Every page we turn provides us with another opportunity […]

Episode #39 – Live Through the Loss of A Loved One

It’s hard when dealing with the loss of a loved one. There’s no doubt about it. It’s the most human feeling we all deal with. No matter what walks of life we all come from, dealing with death is just one thing we all find hard to deal with […]


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