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Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

Charles R. Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” The problem is never the event you’re presented with. It is mostly how you define it that makes the difference. Therefore, if you change your attitude and your perspective, you can change your life.

I never realized how powerful the combination of words was until I felt a shift. Just by listening to another genre of music and embodying that music started to chip away at that good feelin. That calm that I had started to fade. In other words, I was representing a character rather than my character.

The days of being controlled should all be a thing in the past. No longer are we waiting for someone to say something us for us to react. It’s better for the words of man to make you think, rather than make you act irrationally. It’s important to understand that not everyone is on your journey. Therefore, not everyone will align with your beliefs and principles. I guarantee that changing your attitude can go a long way. If you change your attitude you change your life.

By now we all know that life isn’t fair. We also know that we have no control over what happens around us. But we do have control over how we allow our surroundings to affect us. Are we reactors or are we thinkers? If we are reactors we can be compared to a joystick. Easily controlled and manipulated. But if we think, we will understand the difference between the truth and noise. In other words, we should be so in tune with who we are that our truth reigns.

No longer will the world be able to define us. Rather, we should set the tone for what we are and what we represent so that when we walk, it shows. No matter the situation or the circumstances, knowing how big of a role our attitude plays, can change your life.



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