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Define Yourself So No One Can Define You

define yourself

Who are you, or better yet, how do you define yourself? Are you a product of your own thoughts? Have you surrendered to the definition of someone else? Regardless of where you stand with yourself, it’s important that you’re defined properly.

The way you see yourself is vital to the way you treat yourself. It also determines how you allow others to treat you as well. So the way you define yourself is essential to the quality of life you look to live. Are you high on your list, or do you somehow fall at the bottom?

When it’s all said and done, your self-worth is everything. If anyone wants to blueprint to treating you better, they will look to you. You will be the driving force and the map to their idea of how valuable you are. Not everyone that has money values it. Therefore it is important to set the mark so that they know where to reach.

If you fail to define yourself, how will the world know? The world is only the student to your teachings and from your teachings, they may come to realize your truth. Many have a lot to say, but the way you define yourself will always take precedence. When you believe in you, nothing anyone says matters. In other words, your self-worth silences everything outside of the way you actually feel, your truth.

Life is a beautiful place to live when we understand our self-worth. It isn’t a hard task to manage. It’s only the feeling we share about who we really are. No one else can determine this. You should self-worthalways be more valuable than anyone says you are. Only you know you. Guide them, and they will follow.

The World Follows and Will Define You Accordingly

You are the guide. Therefore, only you can show the way. When you show who you really are, they will learn to treat you accordingly. Your self-worth is what you say it is. If you’re feeling you, many will too. But if you feel anything less, then rest assured, they will too.

When you take the time to define yourself, what do you see? Are you able to clearly see the light you possess or has it been dimmed by your own misconception? What drives the way you feel? Is it what lies within you or is it dictated by the powers that be?

Whatever it may be, never forget the role you play in accepting it. Self-worth is important because people will only treat you or anything you possess the way that you do. I had a friend that drove a car that was always messy. Things were always piled up to the top making it real hard for him to find things. It was as if his belongings were mixed with trash.

Although I consider myself to be a clean person, I would tend to throw my trash in the back seat. Although you should always treat others the way you would want to be treated, it was totally subconscious. For me, that was the standard and that made it all the more acceptable. Could you imagine how it would look if I would have done that in a clean car? It was stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, that was the standard he set. All I did was follow. So define yourself to a level that forces people to think before they act.

You are what you say you are, nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, the power is in you to cause a shift. You are the captain of your ship. When you speak your passengers will listen. Your value lies in the way you speak, the way you treat yourself. So be mindful as to how you define yourself because everyone you meet is looking for your guidance, your permission. So give it to them.

Let It Show So They See

define yourself

Shine that light of yours to the utmost. We all need to see it. If not for you, for us. Live in a manner that allows people to see the light that shines within you. You are the navigator to our discoveries and you are the enforcer of the treatment you receive. Of course, some will treat you as bad as they treat themselves, but you must show.

My life changed drastically the moment I started to treat myself the way I wanted to be treated. It isn’t a one-way street. It’s your responsibility and you should take full ownership of it. If you do so, I promise you that many will follow. Therefore, be the teacher you want your students to follow. It works!

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