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Discover A Life You’ll Never Forget

I’m sure the majority of you have dreamt of a life you’ll never forget. Therefore, I can imagine how that made you feel. This life was an idea we all created from such a young age. The feeling was as a result of an idea that was once real to us.

The beginning of our lives was the time we used to create what we would later find out is “unreal”. Because of this, many of us traded our ability to dream over for a societal reality. Just like me, that’s when many of you exchanged the life you’ll never forget for the standard.

I believe many of our struggles come from our wanting to break free, but not knowing where to go. After adjusting to such a systematic way of being, the ability to create was slowly buried. This frustration is what leads many of us to look outside of ourselves forA Life You'll Never Forget answers. Unfortunately, we’d be searching in the wrong place being that the answer is inside of us.

Everything you did create to a life you’ll never forget is never lost. It is only imprisoned by your thoughts or new beliefs. So what stands in the way of your true life is your inability to tap into your imagination. Looking back, most of the roadblocks that I’ve ever encountered were overcome by my imagination.  Everything changes when you start your response to any circumstance with, “What it.” Now that’s the beginning of creation.

The ability to create is something I believe we fail to accept. There isn’t a thing that we are faced with that we can’t create a way to live through. Like a blank drawing pad, we have the ability to create, edit, tear out, and recreate this picture until we’re fully pleased.

Create A Life you’ll Never Forget

If things aren’t the way you’d like them to be, that’s ok. Create it! You can create a life you’ll never forget just by exchanging the things you don’t like for the things you do. Seems like a fair exchange if you ask me.

It’s time we stop settling for a life we find foreign and live a life we can create and constantly alter as needed. Owning our story and our alterations empowers us to embrace who we are as individuals. Therefore, allowing us to exert our greatness…just because.


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