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Easy Things That Will Inspire You to Do More in Life

do more in life

No matter where we are in our on our journey, we all want more in life. After all, more is better. At least that is what we’ve been made to believe. But what about those of us that dream big but do very little? Well, your time is here, and NOW.

It’s easier to think of an idea than it is to actually act towards it. The question is, what will inspire you to act? What will inspire you to go beyond the thought, diving directly into action? What will it be? Whatever it is, may it grant you the will necessary to push through the many adventures of life.

Based on where you are in your journey, you may just need a few pointers in getting there.

Inspire You Through Someone Else

I’ll be honest. Nothing worth having is easy. As a matter of fact, dreams are only dreams until extreme work is put in. When you think about it, nothing is truly hard. It’s just our inability to remain patient. You will need to do more in life in order to accomplish the things you want than to accept what’s handed.

Through the roughest part of my journey, I felt like I was doing everything. In other words, I had done so much, I was wondering, “What next?” The truth is, we all need a push at some point. Despite the level of drive or motivation, some of us reach a point at which a   hand is needed. There’s nothing wrong with that. Because there’s always someone that knows what we need to know that can help.

So get yourself a mentor, someone that can help cut your efforts in half. Knowledge is power and in order to accumulate it, one must be willing to learn. No better way I choose to learn than through someone that has already done it. They not only inspire you through their stories, but they also help guide you through.

Focus On Your Vision

do more in life

Long before Jim Carey knew he would make it, he’d written himself a 10 million dollar check for acting service rendered. Little did he know that the first gig he would land a few years later would land him a 10 million dollar payday. Vision is something you are able to see in your mind. it is something that must be true to you long before coming into existence.

Making your dream a reality is your responsibility. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little help. I love spending time with those that have the knowledge I need. It’s like going to college without having to pay tuition. Not only that, but you’re actually getting something that actually works versus theories. But the best thing you can do is keep that vision alive. As it continues to grow, continue to make it real. Add as many items to your dream board as you can. It gives you something to look at every day, a reminder in fact.

In case anyone is implying that you grow up, think again.

Be A Child and Get More Out of Life

From a very young age, we’re always looking forward to getting older. But why?  Well, we’re made to believe that our getting older is where our freedom lies. I thought the same too for a while and boy was I wrong.

The reality is, to get more in life, getting older doesn’t help. It’s not the amount of time that makes the difference. The mindset we keep is what affects the way we experience life. We, adults, worry and tend to overthink and over plan things. Whereas, as a child, we’re only concerned about what is happening at the moment. That’s where it’s all at. Because the moment is where everything is happening. That is where we all want to be.

do more in life

The moment serves us. Anything beyond that point takes us away from it all. And for us to achieve any of our goals through inspiration, here and now is where it’s at. Stay here, enjoy here, and know everything you need is in its process.

Lastly, learn to let go and allow yourself the space to fall. As an adult, we aim to prevent, but as children, we invite and allow things to be. And despite the outcome, we’re willing to get right back up to do it all over again. In all honesty, your visions, your goals, your dreams deserve that opportunity. So just in case you’re directing your energy on growing older, pump your breaks a bit, and stay where you are. That is where life is happening.

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