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Easy Tricks to Start a New Habit

start new habits

I know that the new year is approaching and we’re all looking to start a new habit. No matter where we are on our journeys, there’s always that one thing we look to improve. And since we’re each different, our areas of improvement will always be different.

Although it may come across as the easy part, the hardest part is always acknowledging something needs to be addressed. Once you’ve acknowledged it, intentionally working towards forming habits is key. What do you want to do? I mean really? What is it? Whatever it is, you’ll need to start building daily habits that are going to translate to something new.

Establishing new habits isn’t something we think alone, but also something we do. In all honesty, the one thing we fail to do first is invest time in self-growth. We fail to fail to take the time to pay attention to ourselves. A simple acknowledge would do, you know? Have you taken the time to ask yourself what you want? I mean, what does look like for you? In forming new habits, one must know what they’re working towards.

What Life Gots to Do with It

Many of us come into this world following the ‘approved plan’. Because of this, many of us have failed to acknowledge ourselves. Many of us have failed to allow ourselves the space to reconsider our lives. One of the most beautiful questions we could ask is, “Is it their standards. or mine.” We all have a responsibility of showing up for that person in the mirror. How do we better understand our direction so that we start new habits accordingly?

forming new habits

I always wanted to be happy. it was something my soul had been longing for. Once I made that decision, along with it came the tools I would need to navigate this journey. I knew where I wanted to be and I could pinpoint some of the things that were standing in the way. I could see some of the things that I had not been doing that would contribute to forming new habits.

Once again, knowing what you want is one thing. But taking the time to reflect is key. It’s important that we see what we have, know what we need, and what we could let go of. What we want is always possible. It’s the reprogramming we must be willing to go through. It’s the difference between accepting and taking control. Taking control doesn’t always mean doing something. It may be as simple as not standing in your own way.

Give yourself the time. I promise you’ll reveal that life to yourself. But you must be totally present in the process. It will mean so much that you will have no choice but to take action.

Forming Habits Feed Elevation

Our reaching our destination in this world requires our focus. Establishing new habits isn’t something we simply talk about. It’s something we must be willing to do, with intent. Choosing to start a new habit is intentional. It’s waking up to that game plan every day until it becomes us.

We don’t have to change who we are. But becoming someone new will require that we do what we’ve never done before. It will require that we gracefully allow ourselves the space, the free time, to expand. I love who I am, but I also love the person I’m becoming. Along with that, the person I must be to experience the new and improved me.

forming habits

Forming habits take time. Be patient with yourself. Never forget to celebrate every step of the way. Personally, I even love celebrating the decision itself. That’s because each step contributes to the next. Even if I fall to error, my acknowledging it alone allows me to celebrate for awareness holds value. With awareness, eventually, we break the cycle. After all, it’s a journey. Embrace it, and allow yourself all the freedom to get back up without self-condemnation.

It is our imperfections that make the journey just that much more worth going through. Be patient, be kind, and be gentle so that the road we build to that destination be smooth.

No Need to Get There if You’re Already There

Live it. No need to wait for it to come. In other words, you are everything you seek to become. Therefore from the moment you wake up, you’re already there. We do this, by obtaining a step each day. We do this knowing that eventually, we’ll finally get there. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. If first you don’t succeed, get yourself up and try again.

We may stray off course, but being aware of where we’re going at all times is what screams value. We keep living, we keep learning, and we keep evolving. The true beauties of life indeed.

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