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Easy Ways to Emotionally Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

The best way to free yourself from yourself is through decluttering your life, emotionally of course. We have all been around for a certain period of time. Therefore, we are all holding on to a part of us that the past created.

We all come from different walks of life. In order words, our experiences in life have shaped us to become who we currently are. When you’re overloaded, it’s hard for you to feel. And when it’s hard for you to feel, there’s a disconnect. Decluttering your life makes it all simple.

How many of us continue to live a cycle of life that barely serves us? How many times do we allow ourselves to operate limitedly? It’s all a process. We’ve spent so much time building ourselves, a little more time is needed to allow ourselves a shift. And since we’re constantly holding on it makes decluttering your life simple, let go.

Whether you’re being affected is based on the beliefs of others or your focusing on your limitations, work is needed. We all have a story for we didn’t just get here from nowhere. What’s your story and how has it shaped you to become who you are? Whatever your story is, just make sure you’re being well served. The best way to declutter your life is by first acknowledging what takes precedence.

My happiness is important to me. Therefore, to this day, I strive to protect it and nourish it constantly. My joy is to be cared for and tended to. Only through constant decluttering can it be done.

Ways to Declutter Your Life

Declutter Your Life

Before you can ever address anything, you must first acknowledge it. Therefore, if no problems exist, there is nothing to fix. So acknowledge the one that stands between you and your end destination. You are not only the villain, you are also the hero.

Once you’ve acknowledged your mission, don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small. It’s a long journey, a fun one. With that in mind, allow it to flow, flourish, and blossom. From the wise words of Nipesy, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Nothing happens overnight. So allow yourself all the time that life allows so that you become everything that life needs. Decluttering your life is an ongoing mission that takes you far beyond your imagination and it’s happening right now. So declutter your life so that you start experiencing true freedom.

After you’ve taken the time to pinpoint your attention, decide if it’s worth holding onto. It’s like checking your email. I’m sure if you’re like me, you never get through them all. Therefore to make things easier on ourselves we skim. Through skimming, we can tell whether or not is worth carrying our attention. Take the time for this step as it is very important. If it isn’t making your life lighter, it is only cluttering it. Decluttering your life not only makes it lighter but also makes it more fluid.

Nothing’s Forever

Declutter Your Life

Learn to not hold things to heart. We all have things that we’re emotionally connected to. I learned it the hard way. I hated lending people my material possessions. Because to me, they had to last as long as I wanted them to, forever. I wanted my material possession to remain new forever. Not only was I being unrealistic with myself, but I was also being unrealistic with reality. The truth is, nothing is forever. So enjoy it all while it lasts.

Change is the only thing constant, but yet, the hardest thing for us to come to grips with. Just like our possessions, not all of the ones we label as friends are actually friends. And someone that served us yesterday is not necessarily the right person to lead us tomorrow. Therefore, be wise as to who you choose to keep close. Toxic people don’t always intentionally spread toxicity. It’s up to you to be mindful of the things you allow within.

Lastly, be mindful. When you are fully aware of the mission and the expectations attached to it you react differently. When you’re mindful you’re present and able to see things as they develop. You won’t ever have to worry about being left behind. That’s because you’ll be there every step of the way.

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