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Easy Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness

social anxiety We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience some sort of social anxiety. Even the best of speakers will tell you get still get nervous before every speech. But for those of us that struggle with it heavily, it can be just a bit more challenging.

Although we are all dealing with life, you may feel more self-conscious than the average person. You’re human. Being accepting of that. Let not the fear stand in the way of you feelin this life you live. I share with you a few steps that helped me throughout my ever so current journey:


It’s just that simple. Breathe. Social anxiety can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. For example, maybe speaking in front of your peers makes you nervous. In turn, you begin to breathe empty breaths that drive you deeper into your anxiety.

Whenever that feeling arises, try the following:

  • Take a moment. Find a place of relaxation.
  • Lossen your body if tense and present your body in a receiving manner.
  • Put one hand on your belly, the other on your chest.
  • Breeeeeeeathe in…and breeeeeeeathe out.
  • Hold your breath in for a few seconds, then slowly breathe out.
  • Repeat until you are consciously relaxed and ready to go.

Keep Busy and Leave No Room for Social Anxiety

There’s nowhere you get rid of social shyness by staying indoors. The only way to overcome your fears is by facing them head-on. And as it is said, you are only the energy you produce. If you’re always home and not moving around, there’s a great chance your state of joy is low.

If you’re out and about, enjoying and taking advantage of created experiences, there’s a great chance you’re showing social anxiety its way out. You see, it doesn’t leave unless you show it the door. Such a condition is constantly looking for a home. Therefore, whenever you allow it time, it will make itself at home.

Take some time for yourself. Be intentional. For instance, Yoga, for one helps with the soothing of the mind. It allows you a place of peace within any event or setting. The more you take the time to listen, the more you will allow yourself to be heard. Listen, you are constantly telling yourself everything you need. Be in sync with that voice. More movement, less stress.

Allow Others the Front Seat

social anxiety

Our experiences change based on who we decide to focus on. When we make ourselves the main focus, it’s easy to get lost in the things that matter less. Our social anxiety is a reflection of what we allow to occupy our minds and the way we perceive it.

For instance, I would do very well when it came to homework and class quizzes. But as it pertains to exams, my performance wasn’t so good. My anxiety level was ok because I felt confident. But as soon as the exam was placed in front of me, the story changed.

As a matter of fact, despite how well I did prior, my social anxiety peaked while taking my exams. Therefore, from the moment the exam was placed on my desk my entire being shifted. It was as if I had already planned the defeat long before I’d ever tried.

I eventually got through it in the most unplanned way possible. I focused my energy on helping my fellow classmates. That means, I used my limited time to helping and empowering the ones in need around me. The more I was able to help, the more confident I became. I knew that although my social anxiety was real, another reality existed.

My old reality told me I was doomed while my new reality told me I had already won. 

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