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Easy Ways to Start Being Kinder to Yourself

kinder to yourself

The challenges of life sometimes can make being kinder to yourself an uphill task. How? You may ask. Ok, so let me throw this right back at you. When last have you given yourself a treat amidst all the hustle and bustle of your daily life? Or when have you decided to show yourself the love and respect you deserve without having to share it with someone else?

Sometimes we do forget to show ourselves love. Various pressures from the outside world (work especially), requests from friends and family just got us fulfilling and making others happy without considering ours. Being kinder to yourself can be anything from getting yourself physical gifts to showing yourself emotional and spiritual love. No one can love you more than you, so why not start early. We would quickly highlight some easy and fantastic ways to show yourself more kindness.

Invest In You

You are all you’ve got. Why not be kind to your mind by investing in it. Spend some time reading, taking courses, obtaining certifications etc. Enrich yourself. Most time, we tend to invest more in others than in ourselves all because the people we are investing in asked for it. Asked for it? Ok, so if that’s the trick, why not ask for it from yourself. Request yourself and honour that request. Try to be kinder to yourself by investing in yourself, and it would help you live a better life in the future.

Be Your Best Friend When You Trip

When you mess up, the chances are that people would most likely want to throw blames at you or ridicule you. But this is a chance to be there for you. Be your own best friend, even when all the odds are against you. Stand for yourself in times of trouble. Dont beat yourself up too much. Re-assure yourself that you have it all under control. The truth is, if you dont do this for yourself, no one would do it for you. It will be you against the world, so make sure you dont join the world in criticizing you. Always be true and sure of yourself.

Give Yourself A Treat

kinder to yourself

There’s no better way of being kinder to yourself than giving yourself a treat. You give your lovers or loved ones treats right? So if you love yourself, why not give yourself a treat? Take some time off and visit the spa. Treat your body to a day of tension releasing and nerve-calming massage. After that, hightail it to a high-class restaurant and treat yourself to the best delicacies they have on display. Then finish off by booking a 4 or 5-star hotel room and relax. You see, you didn’t have to take a leave of absence from the office to accomplish all this. You just did it during the weekend. Little acts of self-love like this goes a long way in actualizing kindness to yourself.

Forgive and Praise Yourself

Give praise when praise is due. And just like I earlier stated, you are your best friend so learn to forgive yourself quickly and move. On no occasion should there be anything that would warrant you to hold a grudge against yourself. Never! No matter how badly you messed up, put it behind you and move on.

Also, learn to give yourself kudos. You might not notice them(because they might be small wins as opposed to your huge targets), but you have wins that are worth celebrating. Celebrate your little wins. Celebrating yourself is the least form of kindness you can show yourself.

Associate With Like-Minded People

Never tolerate those who don’t deserve you. Free yourself of that negative energy. Learn to associate with like-minded people that will push you to become a better version of yourself. By being around people that lift and help boost the positive energy around you, you are showing yourself kindness. Go out ore with them, mingle with them and see yourself blossom. Whilst doing this, cut out those that don’t contribute much to the positive energy you desire.

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Dont Try to Be Perfect

This definitely should be your mantra if you are trying to be kind to yourself. Always remind yourself that you aren’t perfect. It helps ease off a lot of pressure that builds whilst trying to please everybody or maintain everything at a high standard. You are not perfect, so take things in your stride knowing this. You will find out that you won’t overwork yourself anymore, and you would be less tense.

The truth is, no one would be kinder to you more than you. Be selfish. Yes, it’s your body and mind, so treat it right. Learn to treat others right, as respect is reciprocal, and the way you treat others is a reflection of how you deal with yourself. In a nutshell, you are all you’ve, so be kind to yourself

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