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Easy Ways to Stay Away From Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is real. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teen or are a young adult. It is real because it is often a pressure against some of the things that make one the most vulnerable And as humans, we all have our vulnerabilities. No matter our age, sex, or experiences in life.

From engaging in drugs as a teen to coveting other people’s assets in betrayal of a false sense of strength as an adult in a position of power, peer pressure can affect anyone irrespective of social class. Albeit it is common in teenagers, responding to peer pressure requires an acute awareness of self. This is easily observed in adults.

But there is good news. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, below are a few ways you can avoid peer pressure.

Exit The Pressure Zone

“If you can’t beat them, you join them”. This is a peer pressure conclusion that is common with persons who do not know how to handle peer pressure. Can anyone have fire in his bosom and not be burned? At least he/she would be choked. And that is what being around the peer pressure zone does to even the most principled of persons.

The best thing to do is to wittingly steer clear of the pressure zone. Get busy with work or something else, and let those who align with your values gravitate towards you instead. Remember, evil communications corrupt good manners.

peer pressure

Be Assertive

Being assertive speaks to being sure of yourself. You don care what others may think or say. Being assertive requires that you disregard those that may want to make you feel less confident about your choice. Responding to peer pressure requires that you say what you mean and mean what you say.

Being assertive means knowing what you want, sticking to it no matter what others think. This assertion helps build your repute over time unconsciously. Its best to be courageous. Make up your mind on sticking to the right thing and stick to it.

Lead The Debate

Sometimes, the persons championing the behaviors that give rise to peer pressure do not even understand why they do what they are doing. If you have perceived this, it is expedient that you steer the conversation towards a debate where you present your facts convincingly for others to learn. The benefit of this practice is that it helps to reiterate and revalidate the truth.

This is before a peer pressure conclusion runs so deep that it becomes hard to recognize the truth. The second benefit is that it arms you with new forces (your new converts) that makes it easier to propagate the truth or combat peer pressure.

Evaluate The Consequences Of Giving In

peer pressure

Sometimes, when you are not sure about how to handle or respond to social expectation, think about the consequences of what you are about to give in to. Evaluating the two alternative courses of action and their outcomes is a way to test the correctness of a peer pressure conclusion. Your comfort should stem from the verdict of your evaluation and not the expectations of the peer pressure group. If the conclusion is negative, simply say an assertive ‘No’.

Ask For Help

There are not many things you may be sure about even when you evaluate the consequences of giving in to peer pressure. Sometimes, there may be no peer pressure in real terms. But one may feel pressure to react in a certain manner to a situation or a subject that cannot be possibly avoided. Instead of coming out of such a precarious situation like one whose god has just denied, it is best to seek the help of experienced persons.

Talk to a trusted, often older, friend or stranger who can help you deal with such peer pressure. You may be surprised to see that there is another method of handling or combating the peer pressure you are oblivious to.

In all, it is important to know that peer pressure is real. And the best way to deal with it is to stay away from it. Avoid being in zones that put you at risk, but if you find yourself in one already, respond swiftly using the above tips.

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