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Easy Ways to Stop Yourself From Ranting

No matter how you spin it, there’s no version of ranting that many understand. “I hate being the one always having to do it all. Everything, me, me, me.” How familiar does that sound to you? Whether you were the performer or the one that endured it, it’s out there.ranting

If you have, rest assured that you are not the only one. But, by ranting, what point are you seeking to get across? As a matter of fact, before we proceed, I think it’s important we understand what it means.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ranting as a long, angry, and impassioned speech. “At times, his rantings would become incoherent.”  Despite the direction you seek, I doubt expressing yourself in such a way, doesn’t do it.

The idea of ranting and expressing oneself in such an uncontrollable way doesn’t work for you. It tends to work against you. Those who communicate in such a manner need to think of what it is they are trying to accomplish.

Think about it. Ranting is commonly associated with one’s determination to be heard.  Think about it. What are you actually trying to gain? That question alone should set the tone for the way you carry yourself.

Truth is, ranting does you or the receiver no justice. Here are some things to think about.

Be Awareness

To be in the front row of your life story is to truly live in the driver’s seat. The ability to be present enough to witness yourself ranting is a connection indeed. Once you’ve made the commitment to shift away from this way of being, everything flows.

Growth is a process and we must embrace it as such. The ranting that we indulge in today can always be a thing of the past. it’s a decision we all must make on our journey. With the many routes that exist, which route will you take?

Listen to yourself. Give yourself the attention you deserve. Because although it is the attention you seek, it is your attention you must receive. As you listen, think of the way you are showing up and the outcome you’re creating.

Then think about the outcome you preferred and how it could’ve been created from your hands. Ranting isn’t the answer. It is only a distraction that stands between you and the attention you seek. Maybe you feel neglected. Better yet, maybe you just want to feel wanted. Here’s your homework: How can you present this to someone you care about without losing its purpose?

Ranting Never Wins

Those who love music understand the soothingness it brings to their ears. The reason music is so beautiful is not necessarily because of the words. I mean the words are beautiful, but what better would the words be without the singing?


So the question is, what song are you singing? What melodies are you creating for someone to live through? If your ranting takes precedence over the outcome you are not losing your audience, but you’re also losing yourself as well.

Take a step back, and think about the person in front of you and what you want them to feel as a result of your concern. What are they doing? Could you possibly interrupt them? How are they feeling? Remember, thinking of this instead of ranting goes a long way.

The goal is to create a connection through our dialogue, not draw one another apart. If we want understanding, then with understanding we must communicate. The way we approach any event dictates the outcome. We can either add to the end or contribute to an amazing beginning.

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