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Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

care of yourself

You’ve got to take care of yourself. If not you, then who? Who better to care for you than the one person you spend the most time with. Too many times do we put the needs of others before our own. Too many times do we find ourselves feeding others with nothing to feed ourselves.

As much I love giving and the value you it adds to my life, my needs are necessary. In other words, it’s necessary that I tend to what moves me. For if I am not ALIVE how can I show up for others fully? Take care of yourself so that you have enough of you to care for others.

Well, now that I’ve thrown the gospel at you, it’s probably fair to share something actionable right? I guess that’s the only fair thing to do.

Tips to Take Care of Yourself

HEALTHY LIVING. I’m an inside outside out kind of being. Therefore, it all starts from within for me. What foods are you currently consuming? And how does these foods contribute to the overall well-being of your life?

Leave room for foods that build, allowing you all the nutrients to caring for yourself. Self-care is important. Therefore, it’s not a part-time deal. It’s a part of our everyday living. You’ll find that you’re not eating to stay full, but rather, to feel good.

CONNECTIONS. If you are blessed to have been born human, then there’s this sense of belonging you can’t help. We all need someone. In other words, we all need some body to lean on. As melodic as it sounds, it’s true.

What do you stand for? Remember, even as an individual we ware judged by the company we keep. So who do you want to become and how does the company you keep reflect that? Just a simple tool oftake care of yourself measure when allowing people in your circle of energy.

Never Fail to Prioritize Yourself

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Too many times do we wait for a major event to do what we love. The best way to take care of yourself is by feeding yourself constantly, not periodically. Remember, time is precious. Therefore, anything we can do to feed our bodies, our minds, and our souls is essential.

In the mood for a beachside vacation? Jump on a plane and take a right to MIami. You’ll find that it cost less than an unforeseen event we seldom have to deal with. We claim the money isn’t there until our car gets towed away. Like NIke, just do it.

When you take care of yourself, you’ll find that you’re better equipped to handle things. So do what you love so you’re continually filled with gratitude. Gratitude isn’t always being grateful for what you have. It’s also about acknowledging the gifts you have through using them.

RELAX YOUR MIND. No better way to enjoy life than to find your place peace. Please take good care of yourself by taking care of your mind. The mind consumes so much that it needs a space and time to unwind. After all, it is the motherboard to our operating system. Therefore, it does need some cooling down.

One way to take care of your mind is through meditation. Meditation not only allows you a space to think, it gives you an opportunity to grow. Gives yourself the experience of getting regular massages. When the bodies feeling good the mind follows, vise versa. So take that investment in yourself seriously. That feelin will never fail you.

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