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Easy Ways to Use Your Dark Side for Good

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It must be hard living in the dark side. That’s because the world offers us so much light to see. I mean, who would choose darkness over light? You can either accept and find a way out.

Let’s face it, we all have a dark side. Now I know how that word can come across, but think about it. We all desire to be someone that we may not be at the present moment. Therefore, when we present ourselves, we aim to bring that person to life.

Although that is true, there is more to each of us than that persona. We all have certain things that we continue to battle as we navigate this journey called life. The dark side isn’t evil, it’s only a place we look to transition from.

From Being Envious to Being Insightful

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all aspire to achieve certain things in our lives. But too many times do we direct our focus on others rather than ourselves. Within others we see where we would rather be, creating a shortcut that life doesn’t provide. The dark side isn’t real, it is only an illusion we sometimes subconsciously create.

The truth is, there is never a need to envy as we all have what it takes to pursue and accomplish what it is we want. The toughest thing about allowing the dark side control is that it keeps us stuck rather allowing us forward movement. We are all running our marathon, and for each of us, the adventure is different. Therefore, there is no need to box or contain ourselves within a box we are all bigger then.

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