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Effective Tips to Become a Winner in Life

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When you are a winner in life you have many friends because everyone loves success stories. But there are not many winners in life. That is why the top is never crowded. Because not many persons are willing to do what it takes to be a winner. Winning is not just an outcome. It is an attitude that requires persistent and consistent wins over some areas of one’s life. Set for life, winners have mastered the art of winning in some specific areas of their lives every day.

You, too, can win in these areas if you are willing to practise these tips in your daily lives.

But there’s a catch. You have to lose some things to be a winner in life. Think of the word ‘lose’ here to mean giving something in return for another. For instance, for every football game won in ninety minutes, there were many hours given to the training ground preparing to beat one’s opponent.

The following tips below are effective ways you can be a winner for life.

Master Your Time

The biggest victory in life is victory over time. If you master your time, you will win your future. The reason this is true is simple. Time is the only resource, the only factor of production that cannot be recovered when lost. Technological advancements have been able to create things that can substitute or augment other resources when they are not available. So, if you need a win in anything, learn to give more attention to how you utilize your time.

Shed Bad Habitshow to be a winner

Talk of losing some things to win in life. This is it. There are many bad habits, but one which is a popular culprit in preventing many from winning in life is procrastination. While this is related to the first point above, it may be due to the obsessive desire for perfection. If the Wright brothers had waited until they were able to design a plane that could fly a hundred passengers at the same time, aircraft, as we have them now, might have been in existence. Another deleterious habit that keeps one from winning in life is starting a day without writing down daily goals or responsibilities. As you most likely have already known, if you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail!

Count The Cost

There is no man, except that who is unwise, who starts a building project, for instance, without counting the project’s cost to the last penny. Winning in life is the cumulative series of successive wins, and for every win, there are distinctive prices to be paid. A young chap from high school who wants to become a renowned successful investment banker in the US, for instance, knows that he must graduate college with the best possible grade, have interned or worked fully in some top investment banks in Wall Street, take some professional exams like the CFA or graduate with a top MBA. Knowing what your success journey requires helps you to identify opportunities to win when you see them easily.

Be A Risk Taker

Sometimes in life, one may be clear about their path but unsure about the best course of action that will make them win in a particular phase in life. But how can you be a winner if you already know the game’s outcome from the beginning? Recall, winning in life is more of an attitude than an outcome, so with the right attitude, one can be confident that they can win under any circumstance or uncertainties. Also, risk-taking means you are not afraid of failure because you know failures are early lessons for succeeding in life.

Associate With Like-Minded People

winner in life

By like-minded people, we mean persons with a similar winning mentality and are already taking actions. How do you win when you are often found in the association of mediocre or persons who make you feel you are dreaming of the impossible? Remember, iron sharpens iron; so, belong to a group of persons who would increase your capacity to win, who would encourage you to be at your best, and would criticize you objectively when you fail at your goals. These traits are what you should seek in friends if you want to be a winner in life.

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