Effective Tips to Maintaining Healthy Long Lasting Relationship -

Effective Tips to Maintaining Healthy Long Lasting Relationship

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Maintaining healthy relationships is man’s way of building trust with connections that have been adjured as safe. Trust is one of the signs of a healthy relationship. And trust requires constant communication for it to be maintained. Some relationships are, however, short-lived, given the context in which they were formed. An example is a business relationship between an international supplier and a buyer for a one-off purchase of an item.

Such may not demand as much as a long-lasting relationship. A long-lasting relationship has the peculiar characteristics that its existence is neither constrained by time nor geography. It does not matter whether two friends have not seen each other in years or are living far apart. They are friends for life. This is because there are some elements that bound them together despite the barriers.

The elements are what helps to maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships. And they are highlighted below.

Show Gratitude

Have you ever heard people say things like “I owe you my life”? Ever wondered why some persons stay together for a long time? Despite their divergent traits or views about life? Sometimes, remembering the goodness shown to you by your friend is all that is needed.  Sometimes, too, that is the reason why lovers fall in love. Being grateful can keep you away from seeing the weakness of the flesh. This could cause you to lose interest in a relationship. The gratitude of a lifetime helps to maintain lasting relationships.


healthy relationship

Oftentimes than not, the relationship between parents and their children is long-lasting. But children err so often. Especially in their teenage years, that parents could easily give up on them. But that is most often not the case because of the value of forgiveness.

Being capable of forgiving your friend or partner is a critical element for maintaining a healthy, long-lasting relationship. This is because forgiveness kills the condemning power of secrets. And this is a prime factor for most failures in relationships. A relationship with forgiveness is one built on trust. Trust that you will not be forsaken because you are vulnerable.


Compromising in relationships means shifting grounds to accommodate the opinions or needs of others. Not compromising breeds selfishness, which is a recipe for disaster. The extreme side of compromise is pretense. This pretense leads to misery in a relationship.

To maintain a relationship, partners or friends need to evaluate the potential results of an argument. And decide to hold their peace. If it is not worth the trouble. Then a compromise is certainly the way forward. And if your friend or partner is very sensitive, they realize your sacrifice, thus earning you goodwill.


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This is by far the most important tip. Especially to maintain a long-distance relationship or friendship with someone you love. There are different communication techniques that need to be applied in different circumstances. For instance, it is best to avoid dealing with issues over the phone. A face-to-face communication approach is best appropriate to get feelers from non-verbal communications.

For a long-distance relationship where face-to-face interactions is a luxury. Consistency in communication is key to maintain a healthy relationship. In communication lies truth, fairness, justice, forgiveness, gratitude, and compromise. A relationship without communication is like a speed boat without fuel. It will float but will not take you anywhere.

Give Space

This may seem quite contrary to the last point above. But for lovers, what is the true test of trust? It is that you does not need a second opinion to affirm that you made the right choice. That there is no need for multiple impressions to trust your partner. Why then, should you feel insecure by always trying to investigate their moves or motives? What is the need for always creeping into their personal space?

Constantly calling their friends for second-hand information. This is a red flag that betrays a lack of trust. While trust is earned over time, you can actively build it by giving your partner space for it to accrue. Give your lover some space for them to miss you. Missing your lover once in a while can reignite the flames of love when you are reunited.

Maintaining a healthy relationship isn’t difficult. You just have to put your mind to it. Strive to make it work. Forgive. Communicate. Compromise and show gratitude. That’s all.

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