Effective Ways to Boost Your Self-esteem and Acceptance -

Effective Ways to Boost Your Self-esteem and Acceptance

self esteem

Self-esteem is the only value that can be universally accepted as a good substitute for pride. To many, pride connotes a behavior that is undesirable. This is because of its negative impression of rubbing one’s achievements in the face of vulnerable people. Self-esteem, on the other hand, denotes a feeling of confidence in one’s abilities which may be perceived from the carrier even without his relations with people. You are in full control of your own behavior.

But acceptance? Acceptance has more to do with people’s reaction towards you than you to them. Acceptance is simply you meeting the expectations of others and they communicating the evidence to you. When you are accepted into a class, whether educational or social, for instance. It means that you have satisfied the requirements of belonging into that class and are welcome to be a part of them.

Albeit one depends more on self than on others to grow. In both self-esteem and acceptance one’s environment plays a critical role in determining the growth of one of them. The nuclear family is usually the first point source to develop self-esteem and where acceptance is first given. If one wants to increase his self esteem and his acceptance in society. He must first understand the elements in a family that builds self-esteem and guarantees acceptance.

On this premise, we have looked at some of those elements and have propounded the following effective ways to boost self-esteem and acceptance generally in society.

Know Yourself/What You Represent

self esteem

No matter the situation in the jungle, a lion will never eat grass. That is not pride, it is who they are. On the other hand, a living dog is better than a dead lion. So, while the lion is the king of the jungle and represents strength and character, a living dog represents hope where a dead lion is. No matter what condition you may find yourself at present, there is something you represent in the scheme of things in life. Finding out what it is will boost your self-esteem to represent that in its totality. Communicating the same in your behavior will also increase self-confidence.

Evaluate Conventions

When you don’t know the “why” of something. It is easy for anything to be accepted as truth, valid, or beneficial. Conventions are subject to reproof. Therefore, even if they are correct, they may be invalidated by new developments. If you want to build your self-esteem, then volunteer to be the critic of conventions you may disagree with. Albeit your opinion may be unpopular, and a final objective analysis may disprove your own opinion. You would have improved your self-confidence. Self-confidence is useful to challenge other status quo that may have been built on false or invalid premises.

Be Open To Reproof

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Even as you are critical about the information you receive from the outside. It is also important for you to allow others be critical of you and your judgements. When you are open to criticisms from others, it creates the positive impression that you are teachable. Also, it creates the impression that whatever you do or say is solely for the benefit of universe and not for self-glorification. That way, people will have more respect for you, which adds to your self-esteem, and will increase their acceptance of you, your opinions, or judgements as fair.

Own Your Weaknesses

People only use what they know about you to hurt you when you choose to open up to them. A weakness is not necessarily a secret. It could be a public information that could jeopardize or hurt your chances of having something you really need. Allowing people to spot the behavior for you before telling makes them lose some respect for you.

For instance, not owning up about other loans you have running with other institutions. Even before the credit bureau run your credit check, make sure you don’t lose the goodwill you have before your financial advisor. If he had planned to provide other financing alternatives for you within the same institution, he may rethink it because of trust issues. If he does, you may leave with low confidence to apply for credit in another institution. Owning one’s weaknesses help to increase acceptance, not doing so may reduce one’s self-confidence.

In a nutshell, apply wisdom and keep your head above the crowd to enable you build your self esteem. And over time you’d be the better of it.

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