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Effective Ways to Consistently Come Up with Great Ideas

great ideasWe are all creative minds, filled with great ideas. Although it’s safe to say that some of us express our creativity more than others, it doesn’t take away what others possess. The only difference between the two is, one exposes it while another fails to let it shine.

The ability we have to create these great ideas is more present than you’ll ever know. So constantly told to focus on the exterior, we overlook all of the beauty within. With that being said, how do we get back to the great ideas that allow us to flourish?

Pick Up A Book

For half my life, you couldn’t pay me to pick up a book, even if my life depended on it. It makes it kind of hard to enjoy something purely when you’re constantly assigned readings that make information feel like work.

My reality was that I hadn’t really found what it was that moves me. I would rather read a quick summary to push out a report rather than read it through. Not only did it save me time, but I also wouldn’t have to do something I believed I didn’t enjoy at the time. Little did I know, that’s where I would amass great ideas that would expand my mind.

It wasn’t until I was given a book report that I wouldn’t be able to shortcut. Little did I know that my forcing to read this book would start a chain reaction I never knew existed. I had found my interest and now I would direct my energy on what else I could read to build on this moment of great ideas.

Try Disconnecting

great ideas

I mention over and over the effects of this social media-infested world we live in. I don’t mean to come across as someone abolishing social media, but the attention it takes isn’t always healthy. Of course, we are exposed to so many great ideas, but sometimes too much information can be real.

Have you ever tried to do absolutely nothing, only to find an avalanche of great ideas showers down on you? We sometimes think that doing is always the best thing. But the reality is, sometimes doing absolutely nothing provides something.

That’s because when the mind is constantly running, it cannot slow down enough to see things you’re accustomed to speeding past. Think about it for a moment. During my college years, I biked a lot. So much so that I would see things that driving wouldn’t allow me.

As a matter of fact, so many of my great ideas have come when I was being rather than doing. A moment of stillness is like the storm that has settled. And when the dust settles, you are able to see more clearly. That is where all great ideas are formed. It helps you stay creative.

Great Ideas Come from Great Brainstorming

We move around so much that we fail to allow our minds to flow. Great ideas come from allowing our minds to flow in a way where it produces the results we seek. I love to write poetry and it comes easily to me. I’ve written countless amounts of poems and all of my great ideas have come when I simply allowed things to be. The key factor in it all is setting an intention. That is where it always starts for me. I know what I have to do, therefore I put it out there as a cloud for me to subconsciously see. great ideas

Creativity is something special because it cannot be forced. Great ideas don’t come from a place of force. It comes from a place of flow and allowing.

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