Effective Ways to Encourage Confidence and Be Successful in Life -

Effective Ways to Encourage Confidence and Be Successful in Life

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There is never a second chance to make a first impression but if you encourage confidence within yourself, you stand a good chance to make up for a bad first impression. It is good to gain confidence for the preservation of basic human rights, but the common benefit in any society when we encourage confidence is that we would be threading the path towards becoming successful in life.

There are many ways to encourage confidence but not many of these ways lead one to be successful in life. Overweening pride is a causal factor and oftentimes it stems from a false sense of security in oneself or abilities. The only antidote to this anti-success trait is to boost self-esteem so one can gain confidence in oneself—a confidence that is not toxic to others. Knowing how to be successful in life is a science and knowing how to improve self-confidence is an art. Below are a few effective ways to encourage confidence and be successful in life.

Be Intentional

It is not enough to take a position about a subject. Even if your No means No, there should be a reason behind your choice. Give people the chance to appreciate the knowledge, principles, or decision pathways that inform their choice(s).

If you get it right, you will earn the respect of people which would boost your self-esteem. But even if you don’t, at least people’s perception of you will not be skewed predicated only on outcomes of events but also on the intents behind your actions. With such a response, you can gain confidence to engage in another dialogue in the future.


Consider you are in a closed meeting with your family, colleagues, or friends. If you do not say anything in the first and second meeting, the chances are that they would not invite you for the third. Or if they do and you’re late, they would have gone far into the meeting without waiting on you. What it simply means is that they think you do not have anything to offer in the meeting.

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This short-changes you even when you may have something important to say. Effectively communicating your opinions, ideas, or knowledge validates, before others, your capacity to lead engagements that can be life-transforming. Eloquence in speech is one common attribute among successful people, and if you must improve your confidence to be successful in life. You need to master the art of communication.

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses/Strengths

If a rich man is jeered that he is poor, he may not take offense at that snide remark because he knows he is rich. Oftentimes his self-esteem is intact. But a poor man may pick a quarrel with the jeerer in a bid to mask his insecurity because he knows that, honestly, he is poor. In the end, he still suffers—at least he would be angry for a moment.

To encourage confidence, one must be willing and able to acknowledge his/her weaknesses/strengths and maintain a positive attitude even in the face of derision or praise. Accept your work on yourself or set higher targets for self-development and encourage your confidence by laughing at the jokers who want to get on your nerves.

Fear Not

This is perhaps the most important tip to build self-confidence and to be successful in life. Every single thing one ever desires is on the other side of fear. Fear is the reason why one never tries at all or tries again or tries harder. It is why there are fewer failures than success stories in the lives of people with low self-esteem.

Both failure and success are outcomes of events, but unlike failure, which is open for all, the perimeter of success is bounded by fear and uncertainties. It would help if you broke these walls, first, in your mind. To boost self-esteem, write down your fears and read them to yourself in your quiet time. Keep reading it until you are tired or ashamed to hear it—then take action.

encourage confidence


This seems surreal for a way to encourage confidence, yes? But think about when you have had to apply any or all of the above strategies in your everyday life. The chances are that it is observed the most when you are willingly giving something for nothing in return. You are convinced to want to do this—being intentional.

You can easily communicate to the person why you choose to do what you are doing. There is no fear because you know that which you are representing, which is love. Find time in your little time to share the love with the world. Marvel at how that would improve your confidence to lead a successful life.

If all these points are followed, I bet your success is guaranteed. Follow through and work on yourself to build that inner fortress to withstand all that would stand in your way and become confident for a successful life.

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