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Effective Ways to Find Peace of Mind and Happiness

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We all need peace of mind. No matter our walk of life, we all need a place of calm, a place of peace. In other words, we all need to unwind from our day-to-day. Living in such a go go go society, it’s necessary that we all find the time to slow it all down.

As human beings, we have a reactive way of handling what comes our way. If someone asks us a question, we feel that we must quickly answer. Likewise, when a challenge arises, we’re more prone to quickly resolve that matter. So much so that we panic when we are unable to do so in a swift manner. Slow down. Better yet, let go.

Letting Go Invites Peace of Mind

What happens when your plan goes wrong? If you’re from Florida, like me, then you know that making plans outdoors can be a little unpredictable. Because even though the sunshine, it may rain. I’ll paint a scenario for you.

You’ve planned an amazing wedding by the beach. Upon waking up, the sun seems to be on your side. Your guests have arrived and have all been seated. So far, everything is looking perfect. The marriage officiant has begun speaking while photographers are taking pictures.  A minute later, rain begins pouring in. I can only imagine the feelin. But you’d be better off if you just let go.

Letting go doesn’t disconnect you, it actually puts you in control. It brings you peace of mind. While many of us would find ourselves angry, or even upset, what good does it serve? I get it. After all the hard planning arrangements, that’s the last thing you would hope for. You label it a disaster and along with that label goes your peace of mind.

But think about it. What good is anger if it won’t change a thing? Your reaction won’t stop the rain, neither will it dry out your guests. By letting go, you not only open the door to forward movement, but you also open the channel topeaceful mind peace. And there is nothing like a peaceful mind. So to keep your mind at ease, always let go. It serves you more than you could ever lose. Plus, a little peace of mind goes a long way.

Who Cares What the World is Thinking

Everyone has an opinion. And for some reason, many feel the need to inject their opinion on you. If you are as insecure as I use to be, their opinion means a lot to you. I wasn’t the most confident. That’s why entering high school was a game-changer. Girls were not only attracted to me, I was often approached. It was from that attention my confidence grew.

It was as if my confidence depended on what they thought of me. Therefore, my peace of mind, the way I viewed myself, was dependent on how others viewed me. Could you imagine leaving your peace in the hands of someone else? It would be a roller coaster ride if you asked me. It wasn’t until I found inner confidence did I reclaimed a little peace of mind.

People will say whatever they feel. The truth is, most of the time they aren’t really speaking for you, but for themselves. Allowing myself the freedom to accept my thoughts over the thoughts of others helped me create peace of mind. That means your opinions on me could never trump what I feel about myself.

Who cares what the world has to say. Listen to yourself. Nine out of ten times, your thoughts or the way you feel about yourself, if you accept them, allow you a peaceful mind.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Life is a show. Nothing stays the same as it is constantly changing. It’s necessary that you allow peace of mind in your daily life because your quality of life relies on it. The quality of your daily life relies on your laughing at yourself. At the end of the day, life is never as serious as we make it out to me.

I used to hate being made fun of. It bothered me and shifted that feelin that I so love. But now, the laughter just pours in. I found that when I internalized it, it affected the way I felt. In other words, it took away from the peaceful mind I so love.

create peace of mind

To be honest, I find myself laughing at myself all the time now. Whether I break my phone, or drop my food, or whether I trip and fall or delete a file I’d been working on for while. My wanting to take that moment back won’t change a thing. Trust me, I’ve spent a while thinking about how I woulda, coulda, in the past, but it never took away from the past. It kept me there.

I love my peace. When I speak of peace, it’s not about silence I speak. It’s more about that feelin I feel inside. It’s unbothered, unrocked, it’s stable. And that’s that feelin that keeps me moving forward. The more I move forward, the more my mind remains peaceful. For me, a peaceful mind equates to a peaceful life.

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