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Effective Ways to Hold the Attention of Your Audience

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We all have a message whether we share it or not. The important t thing is that you hold the attention of the ones you seek. What good is the message if it isn’t properly presented?

Let’s face it, presentations get go either way. It’s either we are able to captivate our audience or we aren’t able to. Too many times to we take part in presentations that take us straight to bedtime. What may have started out as a professional meetings, turns into a room filled with sleepy folks. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be one of those that were not able to hold the attention of their audience.

It’s not only essential to them, but it is also essential to you. It’s your message and I’m sure your intent is that you spread it to those you are targeting. Therefore, in order to assure that you not only target your audience, but that you also connect with them, I’ll share a few tricks that will help you g rage the attention that is necessary.

1. Shock the World

We are need some shaking up. Let’s face it, presentations aren’t always the most celebrated entity. As a matter of fact, they are probably one of the most time consuming events in any company. The question is, how do you get your point across while maintaining the attention from the ones you seek?

If you want to grab the attention of your audience, you want to keep the a glimpse of what they are getting themselves into. We all want to know what the end looks like, so why not give them a teaser that will help the a excitement grow along the way.

2. Tell A Story that Will Grab the Attention

grab the attention

If there is one thing that get’s our antennas up, it would be a point of relation. This means that the best way for us to relate with one another is through story telling. After all, isn’t that what movies are all about? We turn them on only to get captivated by the storyline. The more of a story you can weave out of your presentation, the more captivated your audience will be.

3. Allow Your Story to Flow

How many times have you been in a presentation, only to see the presenter read everything off of the board? I mean, if that is the case, couldn’t we have simply read this from the comfort of our own space? The purpose of a presentation is not only to transmit a message. It’s also there to ensure that we motivate our audience to the finish line. If we are unable to grab the attention we say we deserve, how will they be motivated to follow through?

4. Hold the Attention Through Emotion Connection

What are the movies that touch us the most? Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they the ones that touch us, causing us to feelWe cry, we laugh, we love, and we smile. Those are the emotions we want to bring out of our audience based on what it is we are presenting. Therefore, based on what it is you are presenting, there is an emotion that you can package around it.

The more people can feel what you are saying, the more they are able to connect with the direction you are providing them with. Whatever you do allow your words to show the investment you are making so that they trust your guidance along the way.

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