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Effective Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication If you’re anything like me you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your communication skills. It’s work, necessary work. As must as I consider myself ‘the great communicator’, another reality exists. You see, this world presents us with so many different beings. And of those beings, a specialty to each.

Therefore, the most beautiful gift that exists is our ability to connect with all the many differences before us. The more we are able to connect, the more we learn. With learning, the more we find appreciation. The more we find appreciation, the more we find life. With this life, the opportunity to constantly grow.

I’m not sure what growth means to you. But to me, it means everything. Don’t ever miss out on the opportunity to improve your communication skills. It will close you out of a world that you could be taking full advantage of.

The truth is, we were not all born with these skills, we learn them. Now I know we were all born with the ability to communicate. But communication isn’t words alone. It is a connection, whether it be temporary, short-term, or long-term. Within that moment presents a new world. You’ll be surprised what can happen when our stories collied.

How to Improve Communication

One of the most important needs we all have is our need to connect. Therefore, better communication equals more valuable connections.

The best way to improve your communication is by leading every interaction with an open mind. We are all different and special in our own way. Therefore, when we are open to accepting our differences we are more open to receiving more gifts.

I know that feeling of feeling different, of being reminded of such. And all I can think of is the many gifts I was willing to give that were never received. Have you blocked any of these possible blessings? Accept all and embrace all, for all are gifts waiting to be opened.

Improve Your Communication

The moment you open up to this possibility you’re already halfway there. Let’s be real. People tend to open up to those that open up to them. It’s like looking both ways before crossing the street. It’s simple. The more open you are, the more open your channel of communication.

Once it’s open, it doesn’t simply sit on cruise control. It needs your attention. Simply showing up alone doesn’t get the job done.

Learn by Being Present

Once the door has been opened to you, how will you navigate? Communication is constant, it doesn’t end. It requires your complete focus and attention. You wouldn’t drive with your eyes closed, would you? I’m pretty confident that is not a chance you would take, so keep your eyes open.

When people speak, be present. Don’t just stand there, show through you being that you are there. By being I mean, from head to two that every part of you is listening. With so many things going through our means, it’s easy for our eyes to be there while our legs are walking away. The more you’re present the better the communication.

When someone sees that you are present, they feel open to reveal more. There is no feeling of rush. Just a pure feeling of comfort and importance. For that moment they should feel like the most important person in your world. Now I know time doesn’t always all for lengthy conversations, so be open. State the amount of time you are will to give and commit your presence to that time.

When you show up for others, they will be more likely to show up for you. You know, when you give more, you receive more. So if you’re looking to improve your communication, be giving of your time. When I say give, I mean give fully.

Only Speak When It Matters

Being open and present is one thing, but speaking when it matters is important. We all want to play heroes at times. We’ve all been there. Someone shares a problem and we quickly provided a solution.

I’ll be honest with you, that is something I’m still learning to this day. On this constant journey of life, I’m learning to listen more. I’m learning that more questions than answers are necessary. When we listen we learn, therefore when we speak we must think about what we are teaching.

Improve Your Communication

If we think of our contributions as teachings, we put more thought and intent in our words. It’s easy to feel forced to say something. The truth is, somethings nothing is required at all. When you truly listen you can truly connect with the needs of the one you speak. In turn, the better your communication. Sometimes all someone needs is an ear.

From the many I’ve had the opportunity to speak to, I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much. We both learned, and we both grew. I’m always grateful for those moments. I cherish those opportunities that elevate me higher so that I may always continue to rise.

Due to my continual effort to improve my communication, I continue to feel loved. How? Well…

When You Feel You Better Your Communication Instantly

Now this one is a bonus, but necessary. What does it cost you to feel others? Take a moment, listen, feel what they are saying. What I mean by feel is put yourself in their shoes. Live the story or topic of conversation through their point of view. See it as they see it so that you can feel it.

Think about it. You don’t always have to agree to understand where someone is coming from. Understanding leaves a door open.

As I said before, I’m constantly meeting interesting souls, therefore, I am learning how to communicate more. With new places come new people, and with new people, come new culture. With all of this comes an opportunity to learn. If I can communicate better I can learn them, and if I learn them, I can grow.

On this journey of growth, I pray that you take full advantage of all of the many opportunities you are presented with. Believe it or not, we need each and every one of them.

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