Effective Ways to Improve Your Personal Development Skill |

Effective Ways to Improve Your Personal Development Skill


Personal development is the act of evaluating one’s competencies and upskilling oneself in areas of identified gaps to reach one’s full potentials. It is often interchanged with the words self-development or self-improvement. Personal development requires the deliberate effort on the part of one to constantly reassess his knowledge, skills, and abilities. This reassessment can be done in either one’s personal or professional life. It is called personal development because the effort to reassess and upgrade one’s competencies comes from self. Put differently, the underlying motivating factor for personal development is intrinsic and not extrinsic.

The goal of personal development varies from one person to another, but the objectives are quite related. For instance, one may decide to undergo personal development to achieve career goals while another simply for fulfilment and satisfaction. But the decision would make them observe certain principles that guide or support one in achieving personal development. Because of this, we know that there are effective ways that one can follow to improve one’s personal development skills.

What are personal development skills?

They are simply qualities that help one to achieve personal and professional growth. The application of these skills in one’s personal or professional development gives rise to self-development, also known as self-improvement. This is different from personal development, which involves constant self-evaluation besides self-development or self-improvement.

There are things one can do to develop or improve one’s personal development skills. They are highlighted below:

Save A Date

As you have birthdays and holidays in one’s calendar, it is important to appropriate a time for personal development. Setting up daily or weekly calendars for self-improvement and development is a way to plan oneself. If you are disciplined enough to keep to your calendars at work, how much more your own personal development plan? Even if it is just an hour every day, make daily commitments in your calendar. If it will help you stay motivated, announce to your personal network the objectives of your commitments in your calendar.


personal development

When it comes to personal development that brings capacity development, reading is a way to increase one’s knowledge. Reading a book or two in one month can help open up one’s mind to the possibilities in the world. Even if one does not have a formal education, reading is a way to learn new things and methods. Many leaders have credited their professional successes to reading. Readers learn new vocabularies and the use of the English language because they read.

Belong To A Network

personal development

There is a saying that goes thus: Iron sharpens iron. If you want to improve your life, you must be willing and able to join (or create) a group of like-minded people. This group could be an association, a society, or simply a network of friends with similar interests. This is particularly useful for attaining professional career development goals. Professional networks have the benefit of availing one the access to human resources and information. Online professional platforms are cheap ways of belonging to a network, albeit you will need to stay committed.

Seek Counsel

What skills would you like to develop? Is the value of the skill legal? How much time do you think you will need for your skill to return an investment? Is the skill still relevant in today’s fast-changing world? Sometimes, the answers to the many questions around our quest for personal development lie in the experiences of others. The best thing to do when one is not sure is to leverage the counsel of others to make an informed decision. There is no need to learn from your own mistakes—ask more experienced persons for help on the things to do for self-improvement.

Request For Feedback

This is one of the most important things to do to improve your life. Recall, personal development involves the evaluation of self. Evaluation may be by self or by others who know you or the works that you have done or want to do. An unbiased opinion, usually from the outside, about one’s work or

Personality, often creates different perspectives to one’s personal development plan. If you want to remain competitive in the professional world, for instance, you must seek feedback from all. In all follow the guideline provided above and you are very well on your way to quick and effective growth.


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