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Effective Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life

stress-free lifeCould you imagine a stress-free life? Too many, this comes off a bit unreal. But I’m here to tell you, it’s possible. I know what many of us may be thinking. What about if you’re late on my mortgage? How about running late trying to get to a job interview?  And don’t you just hate those flat tires?

Great questions, but are they worth stressing over? If so, then what positive outcome do they tend to create? How does it make you feel, as a result? Living a stress-free life is truly possible. I’m not saying it’ll always be smooth. But I am saying that we all have the ability to experience life gracefully.

I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll leave you with a few reminders on the benefits of living a stress-free life.

Living a Stress-Free Life Makes it Worth Letting Go

If I handed you a pipe that had been heated to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, what would you do? If I’ve guessed correctly, you’d probably hold on to it for as long as you could, right? Well, of course not. Because I’ve given you no real incentive to. Just like the heated pipe, the stress we apply gives us no real incentive.

A stress-free life requires us to let go so that we are able to take more in. Applying stress in our lives doesn’t relieve us of anything. Letting go is only is our way of showing ourselves that there are more things that matter, and this isn’t one of them. We are all creatures of habit, therefore we find it hard to adapt to change.

That in itself is fine. I mean, you put anyone somewhere long enough, where they experience the same things, they’ll eventually believe this is the way it will be. But history has consistently shown that things will never be the same. That is the only promised thing in life, change.

stress-free life

So have confidence, by letting go you accept that everything will work itself out. As a matter of fact, they always do.

Have Confidence in the Possibilities

All things are possible, and as I said before, they always work themselves out. With that understanding alone, I am reminded that a stress-free life is possible. The truth is, no matter what we all go through, the possibilities are still good.

The stress we create is only the result of any possible negative. Think about it. If I told you, that despite getting a flat tire, you’d still make it to your interview on time, you’d be okay. Better yet, if I told you that the employer would forgive this unforeseen act, you’d be okay as well. Therefore, we stress not because of what will happen, but because of what may.

I don’t know a worse way to be controlled, than by what isn’t. Could you imagine wearing a raincoat every day just in case it rained? How about wearing a winter coat on a sunny day in Miami Beach? Living a stress-free life isn’t only letting things go, it’s also having faith in the alternative. Understanding that although a negative thought is what appears, the possibilities could be just as good.

Could you imagine seeing someone trying to play basketball with half a ball? Seeing life from half wouldn’t be beneficial to you either. Breaking a glass doesn’t need to be the end of the world. On the other end, just because you’re rich, doesn’t mean you’ll be rich forever. Living stress-free is a constant acceptance and faith in what is to come.

That’s why staying here is necessary.

Live in the Present

If thinking about the unknown is what we allow a pass to stress us out, then it makes sense to live in the present. A stress-free life lives in no present moment. As a matter of fact, our thoughts, our minds, tend to live beyond it. In a world where the emphasis is always beyond any moment, it’s easy to lose focus. But the truth is, It is in the moment life is happening.

stress-free life

Being present keeps you in a constant state of abundance. That’s because it’s hard to focus on things that aren’t when you’re so immersed in the current moment. When you live in the present, you create a stress-free life for yourself. Because what was, no longer is, and what isn’t has yet to come.

So stay here, stay alive, and be present.

Life is only a script of what your mind is telling you it is. It is an accumulation of your thoughts, stories, definitions. What you choose to think, the way you choose to narrate it all, and how you define it, make all the difference.

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