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Effective Ways to Overcome Poor Decision-Making

poor decision-making

In poor decision-making, you don’t have the luxury of not showing up. With every second of indecision comes an increase of possible danger. That’s why it’s important that those who look to be a force must be swift. Those that are swift in their decision-making take advantage of many opportunities when presented.

How can we begin to improve our poor decision-making skills? I mean, how does one begin to imagine the depth of the next best decision and what it will be? If you haven’t taken the moment to do so, I’ll share a few pointers with you that also tends to work for me.

1. What’s at Stake?

How do we break our poor decision-making patterns if we don’t know what’s on the line? The quicker we determine what’s on the line, the quicker we’re able to determine what’s best. If we enter our home to shattered glass, we don’t focus on the shattered glass. Because if we do, we start to lose sight of what caused it.

When you think about what caused such an event to take place you’re able to eliminate possible injury. Having the health of your family at stake can cause you to approach something totally different. That’s because when it means that much to you, it becomes more of a priority. When it becomes a priority, action takes place.

2. Listen to Your Voice

Poor decision-making doesn’t come from our level of intelligence. That’s because, for the most part, our poor decision-making is based on our failure to act. That little voice in our minds is constantly guiding us in the right direction.

poor decision-making

Sometimes it’s so clouded by our own self-doubt that we fail to hear it. But it’s there. It’s gauging us each step of the way. One of the most important ways of improving poor decision-making skills is by being present to oneself. Be kind to yourself. You wouldn’t want to be the one ignoring yourself out of all people, would you?

3. Who are Those Affected by Your Poor Decision-Making

Too many times do we forget the effect our poor decision-making skills have on those around us. As a father, your inability to make quick decisions can cost your family heartache. As a CEO, your poor decision-making skills can cause your company to fold. And along with your company, the many people that rely on it to survive.

As a teen, your poor decision-making may cost you a dream. When you’re young, it’s not always clear just how serious life gets when you’re so well shielded from it all. Sometimes one poor decision takes you there. A decision I’m sure you could do well to live without.

4. Follow Your Process

We all live life differently. That’s because we all find different routes in maneuvering through it. Through these routes come different means and methods. And from these methods the results we all seek to find.

But if you are to conquer your poor decision-making you’re going to need a process. This “What happens if” process we are to come to when “what if” happens. Because whether we’re ready or not, it’s coming. It’s only a matter of time.

poor decision-making

What would life be without a process for us to follow? Life itself is a process, isn’t it? Therefore, maneuvering through it with a process of our own, makes it that much more appealing. It doesn’t prevent what we go through, but it, sure enough, helps us navigate through it.

5. Accept the Imperfection

We all want to hit that home run. The right decision is always one we seek to make. Because we know with the right decision comes great results. After all, it’s hard to celebrate poor decision-making when so much is at stake.

We all want things to be perfect, but the truth is, perfect is imperfect. Think about it. If every success waited for perfection, then success could never be. Nike never fails, so just do it. You can always fix things as you go, but you can never redo what you’ve never done.

So do all that you can under the sun because neither time nor place is promised. But his moment, this one little moment, whatever you seek to accomplish, do it NOW.

Bad Decision-Making Made Good

Growth is all a part of life. There is no need to run from the bad decision-making ways. There’s only to accept and embrace all the gifts that come along with it. Oh, the many gifts we are blessed with based on how we receive them.

We are all blessed. Through our blessings, we begin to realize the blessing that we are. It’s such a beauty to experience our own evolution. And it’s so amazing to witness the blossoming of our own petals. At this point, we know that our poor decision-making ways are a thing in the past.

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