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Effective Ways to Raise Your Positive Vibrations

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We’re human. That’s a good enough reason to raise your positive vibrations constantly. Let’s be honest, while positivity lives, this world was built on negativity. We build only to tear apart at the end. It’s as if negativity is being used to contain us, to keep us all dim. The idea is, “If I can break you then I can build you to what I see fit.”

Good thing we’re all light. Because of this, the best form of nutrients we can retain is the ones derived from positive vibrations. You see, man cannot live by bread alone. Therefore, the energy we take in has both the ability to build us up or break us down.

Think about a flower for a minute. What allows us to experience its beauty is what goes on behind the scenes. The things we don’t always have the opportunity to witness. And that’s the constant caring and watering it requires. With a culture focused on negativity, just like these flowers, you should be well fed. The only way that is possible is by raising your vibration.

So now that I’ve hammered in the idea of raising your positive vibrations, it’s only right that I share with you a few action items that can get you started and on your way.

Raising Your Vibration Requires Calmness

How do you show up on your days? Are you rushing or are you flowing your way into it? While a hand few of us walk into our days feelin it, many of us don’t. Many of us drag ourselves out of bed, snoozing time after time and again. I always keep in mind the me time that is about to take place. With that, I gracefully wake up to the day.

I may not like where I am, but this time allows me the time to raise my vibrations. It gives me the time to think about what I would want. With these thoughts, I can begin to spark the beginning of its creations. As a mini-creator, I have all the permission and ability, with positive vibrations, to create better for myself.


I’ll say it over and over. positive vibrationEvery day starts with meditation. That’s because every day is yours to manage, it’s all yours to create. Therefore, we all owe it to ourselves to use this very tool as a way to raise our positive vibrations. What better way to step into the world than by knowing who you are rather than waiting to be told who you are.

Take your time, it’s necessary. Be the reminder you ultimately need. This is your way of contributing to the raising of your vibration. It’s your responsibility, but once it starts to flow through you, it becomes you. And that is where life awaits you.

Don’t Take it Personal

The best way to outlive the day is by not accepting what isn’t for you to accept. If there’s one thing this world has, it’s opinions. Everyone has one. And for some reason, everyone feels the need to share them. Many of us live in proper etiquette. But not all of us do. Therefore, expecting a fish out of a cow wouldn’t be fair, wouldn’t it?

When you’re able to raise your vibration you’re able to broaden your sphere of positivity. This means that you’ve fed yourself enough to not be dimmed by the noise. You’re light is official regardless of what the world sees. So when they tell you what they think of you, smile, knowing that you don’t have to believe. Smile, knowing that what you know trumps their limiting beliefs of who you are.

It was this very reminder that inspired me to write my first children’s book, This Little Light of MinesWe all came out of the womb illuminated. Therefore, why start dimming our lights now? We owe it to ourselves to get the most of what this life is offering. When we feed ourselves positive vibrations constantly, we make our world and everyone else’s a better place.

So the next time someone shares their opinion, learn about them. Just don’t give them the power to teach you about yourself. That’s your job. So let your light do the talking.

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