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Effective Ways to Remove Negative Energy From Your Life

Remove negative energy. Easier said than done right? After all, negativity is no laughing matter. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty harmful. It not only attacks at your core being but also takes a hit on your health. Research has proven that those that expose themselves to negativity experience negative health. The more we live there, the more our tribulations will be.

remove negative energy

The time must come when the decision of inviting positivity takes place. The best way to remove negative energy is by converting them to positive ones. Not that bad when you think about it. The more positive experiences you create the more the negative gets bumped out.

Negativity is there and will always creep in from time to time. But if you’re positively fed, you have enough energy to overcome any storm. It’s not about what happens, it’s more about how you react. After all, life is happening, with or without us.

So you want to get rid of negative energy right? Let’s me leave you with a few steps worth taking:

1. Gratitude

When our focus in life is us, it’s easy to lose sight of what we’ve been blessed with. The worst thing you can do is live with an attitude of entitlement. That takes you further away from positivity. By no means does it help remove negative energy. It only helps keep you there.

remove negative energy

That state of mind doesn’t keeps you so far from the present. Because you either wish you did or you plan on doing. So much so that you lose focus of the doing, the now. Don’t hang on to your regrets. Hang on to your many lessons.

There’s no removing negative energy with that mindset. When you’re always looking to capitalize, you lose complete sight of all the things you’ve already gained. Once you lose that sight, you’re a “ways from home”

Be grateful for the little things. Your breath, the sun, the moon, among many other things we should all be grateful for.

2. Outside of You Lies Life

For you to remove negative energy, it goes beyond looking outside of yourself. It goes more into looking out for others. How can you ever be truly fulfilled if you are the only thing that matters?

Whether you’ve accepted it or not, you need to give. We all do. There is no pleasure in living without giving. There’s where we all feel filled. When you can put yourself into something that doesn’t benefit you directly, you are on your way.

When you do something for others it makes you feel good inside. You don’t benefit directly, but you do indirectly. It gives you a sense of pride like a proud artist admiring their work. With your focus to remove negative energy, positivity now has room to sync in

3. Remove Negative Energy by Watching the Ones You Keep

We are all what we often expose ourselves to. If it is kindness we are constantly exposed to, then kinder we shall be. At least the chances are far greater that way.

The more we hang around someone the more like them we have a chance to become. If you want to remove negative energy, then you have to remove negative people. Don’t forget to surround yourself with positive ones as well.

remove negative energy

We all need a pick me up every now and again. We all give but must have that source in which to receive. It’s hard to really expect the transmission of positivity when the source is negative.

The more positive you become, your friends will love you while some hate. You will find that you no longer compliment the negative style some once portrayed. They will have given you the signal to move on. As you begin to remove negative energy and transition into this new world of positivity the universe reacts. The path clears itself for you to walk through it.

For those that no longer align a path to exit is created. There lies no tension, only a release. That’s what removing negative energy is all about. It’s about giving up something that weighs you down for an opportunity to experience something that fills you up. It’s an exchange that I’ve made that has been very rewarding.

To be able to experience life in a way that not only allows you to make others smile, but it allows you to smile as well. After all, smiles are contagious

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