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Episode #1 – Why ‘That Good ol Feelin’

We All Have a Story Right?

I believe that sometimes it’s the uneventful that derails us off that good ol feelin. But it sometimes takes us to a path that we prefer more. The question is, how will you define that moment?

All of us has a story. Good or bad, it’s that story that shapes us into who we’ve become or striving to become. Fortunately, who we become is based on the way we navigate through our life’s experiences. Everything we experience is a transition from where we are, which is that fork in the road right, to the path we will be taking, which is based on how we defined that experience. We’re really only a choice away if you think about it. 

That Good ol Feelin breathough

Once upon a time, I experienced a breakthrough. All it took was one event to slowly bring out what had been inside all along. I remember sitting in my car, completely broken, saddened, and crushed. I had gone through a breakup and while trying to fix myself up before class, a glimpse in the mirror would change my life forever. All I could think was how could a good man, someone that wants to see everyone smile and do well look so miserable? And with that, I made a decision.

Yep, I told myself that moving forward that I was going to happy. Looking back, I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine from High School, Sheena Murray who asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. And I remember telling her that I just wanted to be happy. At that time, to be honest, although I said those words, I had no clue of what that happiness looked like. But the moment I made the decision to be happy, it was simple man, it was as clear as day.

The Decision of Our Lives

We’re all faced with events in our lives, some that we can control and others beyond it. But the course our lives take truly depend on how we define those moments. To those that define the fork in the road as an opportunity, to them, an opportunity will present itself. And those that define it as the end find themselves trapped in a spot they find hard to get out of. The question is, what decision will you make? 
In making the right decision, the one that aligns with our internal mission, That Good ol Feelin serves as a reminder of the greatness we possess and our ability to achieve our definition of success. Knowing and Accepting our greatness allows us to see things totally different, in such a way that makes overcoming it possible. 

The ones that feel defeated will see a massive wall. On the other hand, those that understand the limitless of their greatness see 500 bricks. You see, no issue truly exists, it’s only our minds tells us so. Seven years after putting that intention out, I would finally experience what I wanted to be. I had attained something I had always longed for, self-made happiness. Didn’t have to buy it, ask for it, or wonder when if it would come. Anyone who has had that moment when they realize and know they got it can understand what I mean. It’s so amazing how I get to create every single day. 

Why That Good ol Feelin Seed Must Grow

Living in this world made me realize just how different the worlds of others were around me. I remember deciding to make eye contact with as many people as possible. I wanted to share this feelin but I saw something I had never really seen before. We can be so trapped in our own worlds that we neglect to see the pain, the fear, the hopelessness in others that clearly present itself. Never in my life had I seen or been aware of so many empty souls.

It made me realize how completely hurt we are as a people. I mean social media can only cover up so much.  So why a podcast right? Well, now more than ever I truly believe that we as a human race are in dire need of an alternative. With such a media-driven society, it’s easy to get lost in the things that add little to no value while distracting us from the treasures that stand right before us. In all honesty, I just want to serve as a reminder, a distributor, and a receiver of this goodness. I’m looking forward to this new journey and hope that you all hang on for this amazing ride.


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