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Episode #10 – Remain Positive Despite Chaos

On your journey to becoming your best version, always remain positive despite the chaos that presents itself. The journey isn’t over the moment you find peace. It is only the beginning. To believe that would be like buying a brand new car without ever taking it in for maintenance. It’s an ongoing process that we must learn to maintain. But when it’s all said and done, it’s worth it.

Finding happiness was the most amazing feeling I could’ve ever felt. It freed me from all of the things that had kept me imprisoned for most of my life. The most beautiful thing about it all is that it is something we all have access to. In more than words, it’s not something we can look for. Neither is it something we can find. It’s something we must learn to create.

With each stage in life that we enter, like a video game, we will find joy crushers. But that is no excuse for us to not remain positive. That’s no excuse for our retaliating against that walk in misery. Those that walk this path only seek those to join them. Many find it easier to break than to build and easier to erase than to create.

If you really think about it, many live unhappy lives, not because it’s hard for them to smile. They live this way because they find it hard to keep it. I’m sure we all walked pass someone in public and experienced a smile, only to see it fade as fast as it was formed? A smile is such a terrible thing to waste, but many allow the chaos in this world to strip them from such beauty.

Chaos Makes Room For Change

It has almost been a month since I’ve moved to D.C. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d find myself in such chaos. I mean, D.C. out of all places? From the moment I got here the difference was clear. I drove into town around 9:00 am to move into my place and while leaving two police cars showed up. Now if that wasn’t a welcome, I don’t know what is. The crazy thing about it was, I was described as a black male with dreads burglarizing a home I was actually putting my belongings in.remain positive

Based on the neighborhood I had moved in, I approached and greeted the officers as if I knew they were coming for me. The drivers didn’t make the situation any better. It was like something I had never seen before. As a newcomer to the town, it was definitely intense, A little voice inside me was telling me that I’d need to adjust. As chaotic as it seemed, I knew that I’d need to remain positive.

There was no way I could be molded by these conditions I had experienced. This was definitely an opportunity that was presented before to build upon what I had already been able to create for myself. Despite what I had been exposed to, I knew one thing could never change. Progress, for it was necessary to my life’s mission.

Be Open to Positive Growth

At the end of the day, A knife that is constantly used will eventually need to be sharpened. Therefore, through the chaos and my being determined to remain positive, I was presented with that very opportunity. Any person that works out can tell you it is only through the pain from their workout do they experience positive results. That means long before they could share their results on Instagram, they had to endure.

I am blessed to have moved to D.C. because a deeper blessing awaits. The muscle of positivity and growth is being tested. And the opportunity to build upon it is up to me. I am in full control of this ship and I am embracing every inch of it. With this new journey comes an opportunity for me to display strength, control, patience, and even more positivity than I ever have. No level of chaos can shake a human that is willing to stake his/her very existence on his/her purpose. Remain positive.

Join me for the next episode. You won’t want to miss this one. This will be another surprise that will be worth tickling your curiosity. Be there for another round of feel-good topics. Same spot, same place, same time.

4 Replies to “Episode #10 – Remain Positive Despite Chaos”

  1. Colette Azael

    I am so glad you kept your calm and used self-control when the cops were called for you. Don’t forget that life is made of tests and wherever you go, it will happen. Whether it’s work, the place where you live, school, you will always find someone to test you. By keeping our calm we practice endurance and this is a quality that we need to survive the worst. Keep it up son, I am so proud of you.

    Love, mom.

  2. Irina

    I’m sorry you had this experience, it’s absolutely unacceptable and makes me sad that in 2019 people still deal with this on daily basis. Kudos to you for handling it the way you did, i just wish we lived in the world where you wouldn’t have to.

    • Giovanni Azaël

      Fear is a sad place to live. Therefore I sympathize for the ones that limit their quality of living by submitting to it. Fear prevents, it doesn’t allow. I’m blessed with the opportunity to acknowledge the blessing we each are to the world. Therefore, those who fear will never find. Those who live behind the four walls they’ve created for themselves will never see the beautiful things that lie behind it.

      We all want positive change, but until that day comes we must find the positive mind, a place of calm and peace that will continue to allow us to navigate through it in the utmost devine way possible. I can never be a victim of the things I’m given, but rather, a victor based on the way I choose to react to them.

      Thank you so much for your words and your taking the time to listen to my story. You are appreciated. 🙏🏾

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