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Episode #100 – Proven Ways to Deal With Negative People

Negative People

As great as our energy may be, we all, at some point, deal with negative people and their negative energy. There’s no way around that one. We are all different. Therefore we each approach life differently.

To be fair, none of us are born negative. Life is happening to all of us at the exact same time. And the way we receive it makes all the difference in the world. Negative people aren’t formed from cults. It is how they define the different stages of life that sets them apart. It is how they show up to the many gifts they’ve been given when one thing fails to go their way.

When we reach adolescence, we’re told to plan for our future. We’re told that this great big world we’re about to enter will devour us if we’re unprepared. Not to mention the great expectations this world has for us. So we set out to plan for this life. But unfortunately, seldomly are we empowered to push forward through failure.

For this reason, I understand the reactions many of us have when faced with failure. We mistake failure with being the end. That is the mindset negative people tend to have. It’s never a new beginning, it’s simply the end. Another day isn’t a new opportunity, it’s another day of suffering. The good news is you’re one choice away from changing your story. You’re one step away from redefining your life.

I’ve had my fair share of negative people. The truth is, they were only a reflection of where I was at the time. Although I wasn’t negative, I had allowed it a place to live. Therefore, I was no different from them. Letting it all go was what set me free.

Be Not Judgemental of Negative People

Negative People

It’s easy to see negative people and jump to judgment. That’s because most of us try to find a way to separate ourselves from it. For that, it is important that we stay away from judgment. We’re too great to allow someone’s flaw to become or light.

As I mentioned before, none of us were born with negativity. Throughout the course of our lives, we were all shaped by an accumulation of events. If we defined an event as the end, everything we ever believed in ended. But if we saw that event as one that was not going to slow us down…we went harder. And when we went harder, nothing was going to stop us.

The thing called life is an adventure. But unfortunately, many of us fail to flow through the adventures it presents. Because of this, we fold. It’s not that we’re not amazing souls. It’s just that many of us didn’t grow up with that constant reminder. Negative people don’t make that choice based on what they know. They make the choice of being negative based on the many things they fail to acknowledge. Therefore, we don’t separate ourselves in judgment, we separate ourselves with care.

Return with Love

Let’s be honest. Many of us aren’t equipped to give anything more than what we’ve been given. Reality says the vibe we get is the vibe we give. Many of us continue to suffer. The pain we hold we carry on with. When negative people show up, allow yourself the opportunity to be a mirror. It’s important, through your love, they find love within.

I know, deep down inside, we all want to be happy. I don’t think any of us look forward to suffering. There’s just no way we choose to make hardship a friend, right? We just deal with things differently. It just so happens that the way we choose to deal with it may not always serve us.

Negative people

So when a negative person presents themselves, shower them with love. There’s a great chance what you’re giving them, they need. How amazing it would be that we put ourselves aside to show up for someone in need. Sometimes the ones that need us the most are the ones that can’t formulate the words to ask. Whatever you do, let not your ego get in your way.

Join me for Episode #101 – Proven Ways to Deal With Criticism. I know the world around us tends to be negative, but growth is still necessary. Because of this, we must learn how to separate negativity from criticism.

Updated: December 22, 2021

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