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Episode #101 – Proven Ways to Deal With Criticism

deal with criticism

Negative people do exist, but dealing with criticism in a positive manner will allow us growth. That’s what growth is all about. If you’re not aware of what needs fixing, how do you go about fixing it?

People that tend to accept and embrace themselves tend to deal with criticism better. That is because there aren’t too many things you can say that can make them feel bad about themselves. They are usually comfortable and confident with who they are. They need not be defined as they already know who they are.

Before we go any further, it’s important that we acknowledge the different types of criticism. There’s constructive, and then you have destructive. Just by the sound of it, which one would you rather be served? Constructive tends to build, while destructive tends to break down.

As I mentioned before, when your self-esteem is high, you don’t appear low to criticism. That’s because you face criticism. It doesn’t matter, be it constructive or deconstructive. That is because what others believe of you stands no chance against what you feel of yourself.

With that being said, we are all learning life. And we are all constantly progressing, sometimes forced and sometimes intentional. But for those of us open to the possibilities of growth, we deal with criticism a bit differently. We see it as an opportunity. This is exactly what we all should be striving for; that opportunity.

Face Criticism from Critical People

Critical people are just that, critical. Their intentions tend to be good, but may overlook how others respond to their approach. Some people just want what they want the way they want it. And that is all they care about it.

deal with criticism

When these times come, stay with yourself. Let not their approach take anything away from the gift that you are. Their negative statements are not for you to internalize as it has nothing to do with you. Preserve your energy by living within your truth. That’s how you deal with criticism. That’s how you make good of what you’re given.

No matter what you do, never forget that someone that stands over you only needs someone to stand next to them. We all tend to serve others what we’ve been served ourselves. Therefore, a little empathy goes a long way. To listen is to communicate beyond our ears. It goes deeper when we connect through understanding.

When you face criticism, you remain calm. There is no need to respond nor react disrespectfully. That only arms the person. Whereas, being respectful and understanding disarms them completely. The only thing that quiets the sea is calm wind. Be that calm wind.

Take the Good Leave the Bad

If you have never made a mistake yet, you’re among the perfect human beings I’ve yet to meet. Either that or wait for it. It’s coming. We all want to do great at what we do. We all want to win. But when we don’t, how do we deal with criticism?

If you’re from the islands like me, I’m sure you’ve watched a few soccer matches surrounded by coaches. Everyone outside of the spotlight always tends to have all the answers, don’t they? Therefore, if we are to face criticism gracefully, it’s important that we learn to take what is necessary.

deal with criticism

The hardest thing about dealing with criticism is knowing the efforts we put in. It’s hard to work so hard towards something, only to be told there’s something more you should’ve done. It’s tough, but it’s necessary. Working hard towards anything is admirable. But working for it in a manner that will allow you to achieve it is key.

We don’t always get to redo life, but we do get a chance at bettering reoccurring events. What we take from it and how we take it will make all the difference. How do you view criticism? Do you see it as a drawback or do you embrace it as an opportunity? Criticism may sometimes come from a negative place. That doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of it.  Only when you’ve found that love for yourself can that happen. It unlocks the pride that prevents receiving.

That is made possible when you decide not to take things so personally. Worse case, you may listen, but you have the right to refuse to take it any further.

Reflect for Growth

Growth is infinite. That’s the most beautiful thing about life. For the short amount of time we’re here, we have so many things we can learn. And every day that we’re living, we have the ability to grow. When we learn how to deal with criticism, we take advantage of all of these moments.

If I remain calm, despite the encounter, I may receive many blessings. That means if I choose to listen and not judge, the lessons I’ll learn will be more valuable than the approach. I will not only teach you a lesson, but I will have learned a valuable one as well.

Just stay confident, be calm, and be rewarded for the lessons you take.

Join me for Episode #102 – Basic Rules for Leading a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life. The life we all seek, whether we know it or not, fills us up. We continue to accumulate material possessions until we realize how empty we feel. It stops here. Your time begins. What will you do that will allow you that feelin? What will you do that will allow you the freedom to live. Not financially, but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

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