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Episode #102 – Basic Rules for Leading a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

purposeful life

The best life is a purposeful life. If not, what’s the point of living? Why are we here for? Is it not for us to feel fulfilled?

Many of us are surfing the same exact wave. We start the tail end of our Sunday preparing for Monday. Then from Monday through Friday, we wake up, go to work, then come home. After getting home, we wind down while preparing the next day. Now multiply that times fifty-two. If we’re talking about a fulfilling life, that isn’t it.

Because of this routine, you’re probably able to provide for your family. It probably even allows you a lifestyle that many don’t get the chance to experience. But is this a purposeful life you’re living? Are you at all excited about waking up to this cycle every day? If so, how is it filling you?

After being stuck in such a cycle for a while, I had to ask myself these exact questions. “Is this really what life is about?” It made me question my decisions and the direction I was going in? It made me remap what life truly was based on what I defined as my purpose.

Living a fulfilling life is where it’s at. But when we look around us, I’m sure we can agree we see the void. The majority of us play it safe by working on someone else’s dream, taking no risks on ourselves. In all honesty, I believe it is well worth it. Let’s talk about some basic rules we can follow.

1. Accept it All

We always speak of what we’d do if we had the right amount of money. But for some of us, it’s the right situation. How many times have you felt you were being held back in such a way?

Because we live in a world that showcases a standard, many of us feel influenced to follow. We begin to feel that we lack, not because we don’t have. But because we don’t have all we’re told we should. Living a fulfilling life allows us to redirect our focus. It takes us away from a place of discontentment to a place of abundance.

purposeful life

A purposeful life is one that fires you up, one that fills you. It is a life of giving, rather than a life of constant search of receiving.

2. A Fulfilling Life is One You Care About

For us to live a purposeful life, we must first understand what life is all about. Not this big life we’re currently living in. Rather, it is your life I’m referring to. When you’re not aligned with your true self, there’s a natural disconnect.

Many of us go to college, learn career skills for a life that doesn’t compliment our form or purposeful living. We start our careers understanding that harder work equals rewards. So, we’re fighting a war that wasn’t for us to win. And although it feels good. The money, the perks, deep down inside, lies a void. And only you know what that is.

When we live a purposeful life, we are following the path that aligns with what moves us. You may not get the money you want. But one thing is for sure, finding meaning in your life is far more important than anything is. If you don’t have a purpose for being here, there’s a great chance you leave empty-handed.

3. Maintain Your Ocean of Gratitude

Every single day we’re given that opportunity to breathe. And that’s the one thing that gives me hope. But that’s the one thing many of us overlook. We think gratitude is having everything we want. Some of us truly believe that gratitude is a byproduct. But, in reality, its’ something we should live through. Living a fulfilling and purposeful life is acknowledging your many blessings.

purposeful life

Too many times do we overlook the blessings we already have to ask for more. Gratitude is being present towards all the blessings that lie before you. Many of us will realize that we have way more than the things we seek. And if we’re not careful it’ll all be over something that doesn’t even align with our path.

Take the time to feel yourself so that you connect to what you need. Acknowledge what moves you, what turns you on. Because when you’re on fire, many people live hope through you. That’s far bigger than any one person for sure.

Join me for Episode #103 – Ways to Heal Your Soul for Utmost Happiness. Our soul, the gates to our beings, is everything. For this, it is important that we nourish it and give it the attention it requires, daily. The more we feed, the happier we’ll be.

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