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Episode #103 – Ways to Heal Your Soul for Utmost Happiness

heal your soul

We’ve all been through life. As a matter of fact, it’s still happening. Therefore to heal your soul so that you start living again becomes a journey of its own. The most beautiful thing about it? We have the rest of our lives to get it right.

Where we come from doesn’t define where we end up. But the way we define the events in which we came from, changes everything. If you’re breathing, there’s a great chance you’ve experienced some form of trauma. Whether it be within our own households, in school, or at work, we’ve all been served. I’ve learned that healing my soul and continuing to do so allows me happiness.

No matter what our goals may be, the underlying factor is the happiness we all seek. Whether we accept it or not, most of the decisions we make are towards our own happiness. That means we aim to do what we believe makes us happy at any given time. Sometimes it’s a car we want. And other times, some jewelry. It isn’t until we learn that a soul for happiness seeks not material things. It seeks fulfillment.

So how do you heal your soul so that you start experiencing happiness again? The answer to this question is life itself. One cannot fully live without happiness. Because of this, we seek to attain all of the money that we believe will allow us life’s limitless pleasures.

The Misconception

We were all introduced into a world shielded by our parents. And in order to take care of us, one thing we all experienced is watching them walk out the door. So for the majority of us, it was normal. When understanding sinks in, we start to connect what we saw with the pursuit of the American dream. The problem is, someone forgot to tell each and every one of us that it was ours.

Healing my soul at its initial stages was a process. After all, I had traveled a road so far that I believed would provide me with value. Not just any value. The ultimate value. This pursuit of money meant that I would never have to worry about nothing having what I wanted. It would mean that my experiences in life would have taken a major leap.

Because I associated the money with the access it gave me, I began to yearn for it. I thought once I’d attain it, problem solved. As ironic as it was, my motivation for financial stability was accompanied by my will to live happily. One thing I did find out was that I didn’t need the money to be happy. I had enough things I was doing that were making me unhappy that I could get rid of. Game changer!

I only wanted to be around those that either had it or were in pursuit of it. But it wasn’t until I surrounded myself by those people did I realize that I had all of the riches I needed. It’s true, it does get lonely at the top, especially when you expect the top to produce something you already can. When you heal your soul, you renew your journey at living. You allow yourself the opportunity to reroute the ship.

7 Commandments that Heal Your Soul

heal your soul

There are 7 commandments I live by daily. These commandments allow me the alignment necessary for me to consistently show up to the world. The intent is not to just read a book or an article for that matter. Rather, the intent is to shake up your current lifestyle so that you create a shift. When you heal your soul you give yourself the opportunity to reconnect yourself.

With so much to do with so many people to see, we can lose sight of the most important component, us. So here’s what I do daily to get me more connected.

Live by Them Each Day:

  • Meditation: Wake up every day, giving you the time you need to physically, mentally, and spiritually align yourself. Take care of the body so that the body can take care of you. To heal your body is to contribute to healing your soul. Also, take the time to sit with yourself so that you get the attention you need. There’s nothing like showing up for self. Feed yourself and remind yourself that you’re there.
  • Staying in the Moment: Stay connected at all times. I know you have a lot going on in your mind, but your ability to silence it will allow you to see more. With all the more you are present, the many blessings you’ll experience.
  • Gratitude: Oh this life we’ve been granted, be grateful for it. In healing my soul I was able to see the abundance I was presented with. I had way more than I could ever imagine. Way more than money could ever buy.
  • Growth: Be not so comfortable with being stagnant. Life is about experiences, lessons, and growth. Let not any event define you, but rather, build you. Always be reminded of this adventure and the many opportunities they present.
  • Awareness: Healing your soul is a lifetime journey. We just don’t sign up for a 5-year membership. It’s a journey we get to partake in as long as forever allows. So stay connected so that you are more aware of yourself and what you do. The more aware you are, the more you see and feel. And the more you see and feel, the more in touch you are with the creator in you.
  • Self-Love/Self-Care: Don’t neglect yourself. Be the reminder of the beauty that you are. Be the reminder of the light you possess. constantly place the mirror before you so that you are reminded that you are light.
    heal your soul
  • Selflessness: You won’t start living until you’ve found something outside of you to live for. The more you see others, the more you start to fill yourself. You see we are more alike than we are different. Therefore, the more you connect with others, the more you connect with you.

I am Still Healing My Soul

And the journey continues. In the words of Nipsey Hussle, “The Marathon Continues.” I love the opportunities that life continues to bless me with. The more I heal my soul, the more I am blessed to see, experience, and learn.

For those of you willing to dive a little deeper into the 7 commandments, you’ll enjoy the content in my upcoming book, Feel the Life You Live – 7 Commandments to Live By. With principles and boundaries come results. If you don’t guide yourself, how will you be led?

Join me for Episode #104 – Proven Ways to Stop Judging Others and Yourself. In order for us to live our best lives, it’s important that we allow both ourselves and others the freedom to be. The more you accept yourself, the more beauty you start to find in others.

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