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Episode #104 – Proven Ways to Stop Judging Others and Yourself

stop judging others

It is necessary that we find ways to stop judging both others and ourselves. Whether we recognize it or not, we do it more often than we think. And until we’ve awakened to true livin, we find ourselves judging it as well.

Depending on where you’re from or the way you grew up, you’ve established a set of norms. And for you, that is not only your standard but THE STANDARD. Because of this, subconsciously, or consciously, we box anyone that seems to be outside of that.

We don’t judge people based on good or bad. We judge people based on how different they are from us. Because in our minds, anything that doesn’t look like ours is unacceptable. Anyone that isn’t doing what we’re doing falls outside of what we believe is normal.

I say all of this, not to say that those who think this way are bad. Not at all. I say this because it’s easy to live in such a way without being aware of it. After all, we were all taught a way of living. Therefore, it is only logical to believe in the way we do things. It is easy to follow a format when it’s the only one we know.

If we are to be completely honest, it isn’t just the judgment we place on others that hurts. But it is also the judgments we continue o place on ourselves. How many of you can admit to condemning yourself at one point? How many of you are currently in a place of self-condemnation? Whether have been, or whether you currently are, it’s fine. I’ll share with you some things that worked for me, that I’m sure will work for you.

The Way Stop Judging

The way we perceive people is all in the mind. The more we live in that state of mind, the more we prevent ourselves from gifts. Judgments are like a fence between two houses, separating us far more than bringing us together. By no means is it easy, but it’s possible that we start accepting others, along with ourselves as well.

stop judging others

How to Stop Judging Others

If our judging other people are all in the way we perceive them in our minds, then reprogramming is necessary. It’s necessary so that we start to cleanse our minds of all the false notions that we’ve fed it. Because from all of these notions, a perception that prevents the many gifts you were born to experience.

We all are connected whether we accept it or not. As a matter of fact, it is our perceptions that separate us from that idea. Ever interacted with someone you just meant that contributed to your experience? To think that that one interaction will stay with you longer than the one that helped create it. We are all connected, so it’s time we start accepting it.

Our accepting this connection is key. Because whether we like it or not, it will happen. The question is, how will we receive it when it comes? Will we seize the moment, or will we allow ourselves to be distant through judgment? Don’t judge people that contribute to your experience of life. Why do that when you can leave a door open, inviting them to do so?

Just like you, I’ve gone through this. But my judging of others led me to realize how I neglected myself. I was so blinded by my judging others, I didn’t even realize that I was judging myself. How about you? It’s easy to point the finger at someone else, but have you noticed the finger you’ve pointed in your direction?

How About Yourself?

I know I just spoke about judging others, but judging yourself doesn’t help either. Many times we judge others so that we don’t have to deal with ourselves. Doesn’t it make it easier? If everyone has a problem, somehow we believe that makes us ok.

The truth is, we all have faults. There’s just no way to hide them. And if you’re able to hide them from the eye, you can’t hide them from your soul. Because what the eye doesn’t see the soul feels.

stop judging others

Stay not connected to the mind, but to the core. The mind can deceive you based on what you’ve fed it with, but your core is where you live, your truth. Therefore, if you can live with that, you’ve already won yourself tenfold.

I came to find out that the best way to stop judging people is by accepting myself. It has brought me such a newfound appreciation for life. To be able to look at my imperfections and to marvel at them, appreciating their distinct beauty. With that, I understand that anything that isn’t standard is me. And everything that is me just has its own beauty.

Accept that there is No Need to Judge

When we accept ourselves, we find beauty. And when we experience this beauty and how different it is, we’re able to accept that of others. Once we start to marvel at our imperfection, we start to appreciate the art that we are. And when we are able to appreciate our personal art, we are able to marvel at others.

As a black male in this world, I know the feeling so well. But the way my mind is now set up, I cannot partake in the judgments of others. I rather celebrate my existence than allow a standard to make me feel I’m not good enough. I am light. You are light. We are all light.

Join me for Episode #105 – Effective Ways to Find Inner Peace in Your Daily Life. With all of the many distractions that present themselves, have you taken some time for yourself? Have you managed to find the peace within the chaos? If you haven’t, I invite you to.

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