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Episode #106 – Tips to Add More Gratitude Into Your Life

add more gratitude

Add more gratitude to your life. There is no better feeling in living than to acknowledge all of the blessings you possess. That’s all there is to life. If we keep that in mind, our experience on this planet will be multiplied.

We hear all the time how life is complicated. But how true is that statement? Is it really? I guess on one hand it makes perfect sense. When you think about it, we do ask more of it than we really need to. We see, believe, and buy into a system that creates an illusion of living. An illusion that tends to do more harm than good.

When you add more gratitude into your life, you realize where true living is. You realize the complications that occur, you create.

The idea, that everything is this great big secret, leads us to believe, ‘it couldn’t be that easy’. But life isn’t really hard, is it? Well, I uncovered what true living is. A life of gratitude paves the way. In other words, it took me having ‘nothing’ to realize the abundance I was living in.

I’ll share with you a few tips that helped me add more gratitude to my life. It not only filled me, but it continues to carry me through.

1. Be Grateful for Breath

With so much on our minds, so much to do, it can be easy to overlook the most important thing. Breath. Without it, no hope, no future, and no purpose. We complain about the things we have, rather than be grateful for the life we’re gifted.

add more gratitude

Living a life of gratitude allows you to start with your breath. When you wake up to breath, you awaken to life. How beautiful it is to experience such sacredness. But too many times do we move on with life without acknowledging its existence. (It feels so deep saying that it’s giving me goosebumps actually).

Next time you wake up in the morning, I challenge you to acknowledge each breath. It will change your attitude about how you approach your day. After all, to be given the most precious gift of living isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Once you’re able to acknowledge is one gift, a shift takes place in how you approach your day. But to acknowledge oneself alone can eventually lead to pain. Look at the world around you. Many gems await. That leads me to the next tip.

2. Be Present in Your Presence

With this amazing gift of breath comes an opportunity of a lifetime. And that is the opportunity to experience life and all the many gifts within it. To add more gratitude to your life, you have to constantly acknowledge what life is giving you.

Look around you. What do you see? Are you present, or are you just passing through? We turn our heads to see an exotic car, only to miss out on the setting sun. Be not distracted by the gifts life is constantly serving you. If you’re present, there’s a great chance you have too many to count from.

The moment you become present, that’s the moment you begin to connect with life. To be able to see the insects that crawl up a tree, to feeling the blowing of the wind. Why not notice the leaves blow or a tree that’s completely still? Maybe the birds flying through the sky? To be grateful for life is not to be grateful for what you want and get. Rather, it’s actually to acknowledge everything you already have.

Let’s be honest, we all want something out of life. When the unplanned occurs we call it a curveball, but it’s all in divine order. It may not be what we want it to be, but it’s what it must be. That leads us to dealing with change.

3. Embrace Change: It’s Inevitable

Life is happening. I love saying that because it is true. When you look around you and see all of the gifts you’re given, you see it take form. The skies no longer got dark out of nowhere for you were present. You showed up to its gifts and you were blessed to experience them.

add more gratitude

Be grateful for the many experiences life serves us. Nothing is against us. Everything is for us. Therefore, as life changes, ride its wave. Understand that within every turning page lies a gift. As life changes, so do your blessings. Let not your circumstances break you. Find the many blessings within them. They’re always present, especially when you embrace the inevitable.

Make it A Must

To add more gratitude to your life is to live. There is no life beneath that. When we’re too busy admiring, we have less to be discontent about. When everything counts, nothing really matters. So think about what it is you’re giving importance to. Let us make it a must to not only live in gratitude but add to it each day.

Join me for Episode #107 – How to Dealing With Difficult Changes in Life. As I mentioned, changes are inevitable. So are the many gifts that come along with them. Our focus will always guide us to a result. Therefore, let your focus match the outcome you seek.

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