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Episode #107 – How to Deal With Difficult Changes in Life

difficult change

As we all know, change is inevitable. That’s why learning how to deal with difficult changes in your life is truly important. The truth is, nothing we plan out actually happens as planned. The best way of navigating through it all is learning how to deal with things for what they are.

Things will never be the same. That is one thing that is certain. Whether you like it or not, it’s coming. It’s easy to soak ourselves in our wins and drown ourselves within our losses. But even the good book says that this too shall pass. Nothing is forever. When we understand this we deal with these difficult changes more gracefully.

Allow Change to Be

The first thing we tend to do when dealing with difficult change is reject it. Oh, we reject the change before it ever has the opportunity to explain itself. We take no real measures to understand it because we rather not deal with this new concept. At that moment, our ideal world lies in what was, preventing the enjoyment of what is.

Like a new friend, open up to this change. Instead of running from it, dealing with change requires that we identify it. What is this change you happen to be dealing with? Too often do we let our anxiety create something that isn’t really there.

First of all, you are not being condemned, nor should you feel condemned for feeling the way you do. The most important thing is in realigning yourself with what serves you best. Because these difficult changes take adapting to, the more we understand it, the easier it’ll be. Once you are able to clearly identify what it is, how does it make you feel?

When we fail to take time to understand ourselves, we lose ourselves completely. Taking the time to understand your emotions better helps you connect with yourself. Dealing with difficult changes requires that you are honest with yourself.

difficult change

When dealing with change in the past, I would ask myself, “What am I feeling? What is it worth to me in comparison to the moment? How will I choose to deal with it?

Difficult Change: Accept and Let Go

When dealing with difficult change, it’s important that we acknowledge ourselves and what we’re feeling. That’s where it all starts. It’s almost like dealing with someone outside of ourselves. When you acknowledge yourself, along with the way you feel, it’s easier to accept resistance. Sometimes the way we feel is the result of the resistance we apply.

Sometimes, our refusal to cope with change causes us to reject it. Within that space of rejection, we deny ourselves the freedom of flow. It’s like this difficult change just makes our lives difficult. Or is it really?

The more I let go, the more I realize no problems exist at all. That’s because after we let go, we realize that things actually work out. With that, we come to realize no problem existed after all. In the words of Ton Braxton, just let go. Better yet, surrender. When you put your hands up, there’s a fight that longer exists.

It’s natural to reject change. That is why it’s important for us to process this difficult change so that we navigate it effectively. Letting go isn’t giving up. It’s actually cooperating with the universe and its new course, surrendering to its new opportunities.

The best thing to do is accept this new reality. Then figure out how to adjust so that you operate within it. No situation is truly bad. It’s how we define it that makes it so. The opportunity never budges, it’s our mindset that does.

REdefine the Change

I say the words difficult change throughout this episode not because it actually is. I say it to sympathize with the way we receive it. Therefore, not to minimize the way it makes us all feel.

difficult change

When you think about change, it isn’t so difficult at all. That’s only when you think about change. I hope that made sense to you. When you think about what’s really changing, it isn’t really life-changing. It’s only life-tweaking. I promise you the way you define it will change the way you receive it.

There was never a plan that I put together that actually fully came together as planned. They came together, but not always as planned. The only times they actually came together through change, is when I persisted. I didn’t accept what was a defeat. I accepted what was by finding my way through it.

Change is everywhere. There’s no hiding from it. I say this for the sake of your own peace of mind. It’s so that you know exactly what to expect. Within those expectations, the understanding that things happen. It’s all a part of this beautiful thing called life.

The reality of all this is, we are all going through life. Life doesn’t pick and choose. Therefore, those who choose to adjust, get the most of its gifts. Those that refuse any difficult change create difficulty within their lives. Change isn’t supposed to be difficult. It definitely shouldn’t hurt.

No Difficult Change Exists

Just like any beautiful flower, with each process of beauty comes change. We marvel at its blooms only to ignore the different forms it had taken to reach its heights. The next time a difficult change comes knocking, remember how that flower relates to you. And know that whatever that change is, you still can blossom through.

Join me for Episode #108 – Tips to Turning Your Pain into Power. Most of us have suffered, or eventually will, at some point. I’m not against pain, I’m just mindful of how I choose to use it. Sometimes the things that break us the most are what create the best in us. The creator in us approves this message.

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