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Episode #108 – Tips to Turning Your Pain into Power

pain into power

We’ve all experienced some sort of grief. Whether it be from a romantic relationship or a loss of a loved one, turning pain into power is vital. It’s easy to drown in our own pain. After all, when we hurt, we feel. When we feel, we are affected whether be negative or positive.

We’ve all experienced some level of trauma. That’s one part of life we are unable to escape. If we haven’t experienced some sort of hardship, it’s only a matter of time. Experiencing hardship is one thing, but dealing with it is another. Therefore, turning your pain into power isn’t only possible, it’s necessary.

THere’s No Escaping Pain

Things are bound to happen. That’s something none of us have any control over. Too many times have I allowed precious moments to fade dealing with pain. I allowed myself to remain in a state of paralysis. But the more I began surfing life’s waves, the more that I was able to see.

Turning pain into power meant that I would need to examine my emotions and what I was feeling. After feeling so stuck and watching the world pass me by, I knew change was necessary. It was like living as an observer rather than a participant.

Because there is no escaping pain, it’s important we learn how to receive it and transfer it. Anything hot must cool down before we can touch it again. Therefore, learning how to turn pain into power was something that changed my life forever. It taught me that life will give me many things. But only you are responsible for how it is used.

It’s either a blessing…or a curse. It all depends on how we define those moments. It all depends on how we transfer the initial feelin from pain to power. With this new power, I am able to take any negative situation and make good from it.

Allow Yourself to FEEL

While many choose to run from the pain, turning your pain into power is really the only way. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel whatever feeling this pain produces. Pretending they don’t exist doesn’t do you any service. It only prolongs the process.

pain into power

When we acknowledge the problem, we’re able to process the extent of the pain. Then can we start to formulate a solution that makes sense. No point in trying to keep busy, you might want to be still. Stillness is where it all lives. Within this space, you are able to feel your pain and analyze the next steps.

The first thing I do when I experience such trauma is staying still. When I am still I am able to process the pain, where it came from, and how to transition from it. I like to question what I am feeling, allowing myself to sit with it. I start to think about what I can do to turn this feeling around. It helps turn power into pain.

This personal exercise allows me to ask all of the right questions so that I develop all the right answers. Lastly, I look to develop what I would rather things look like. What would my day need to be like so that I relish it fully? This is a powerful question because only when we answer it can we start to create it.

After I feel it, I question it. After I question it, I start to formulate the answer. When that answer comes to the surface, I start to think of a better scenario worth creating. Once that scenario has been created, I have nothing but to step right into it as the creator I am. With that, I am able to turn pain into power. Along with that power, the key to my desired destination.

Turning Pain Into Power

Once you’re already looked yourself in the mirror to understand your trauma, you can start your healing journey. It’s not always easy, but small steps help break it all down into chewable sizes. Whatever your challenges are, healing changes with each adventure.

To turn pain into power, you have to be willing to tap into that pain. Then what you gather from it you are able to create. There’s great value in learning. With this newfound knowledge, you can begin to recreate this life you were given to something worth living. Over time, you will find the blessings within your struggles.

pain into power

Because, from these blessings, many more will come. Over time, you will start to look at these adventures in your life as opportunities. Life is a contribution to your own existence. Therefore, everything that is happening is actually to your benefit whether clear to you or not.

Join me for Episode #109 – Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself Today. We all love the feeling of kindness. We love being around those that are kind and caring. But what of ourselves? Aren’t there ways we can supply ourselves with the kindness we actually seek? 

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    • Giovanni Azaël

      Thanks mom. You are a true representation of what it means to turn pain into power. You’ve suffered for as long as I can remember but always pushed through. Thank you for such power on display. 😘

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