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Episode #11 – Believe in You Even When the Ones You Love Don’t

 believe in youLove means so much to you and what’s even better is when the ones that believe in you are the ones who love you. I know it paints a perfect picture, but the reality is, it’s not always so. No matter the culture, the one thing that we all have in common in our teachings of family.

Family is “thicker than water,” they tend to say. Which such deep caparisons and responsibilities attached to the idea of family, we hold ourselves accountable for maintaining its meaning. Therefore, whenever the word is mention, an emphasis is automatically made and the mind automatically shifts. I’m no doctor, but I believe that the mind resonates with the meaning we’ve attached to that word. It seems like the moment it is spoken, there’s a connection. And with that connection, we are forever indebted.

Not only have we indebted ourselves to the word, but because we associate that with a person, we’ve indebted ourselves to them as well. We not only believe we owe them but we’ve also taken it upon ourselves to believe they owe us too. Because we feel this way, there are things that we believe in that drive us to go the “extra mile”. We do this not because we can, but because we believe we must. With that state of mind, it only makes sense that we believe in a time of need, we shall have them to live on.

To Believe in You is to Own You

It took a long time for me to realize the very things that would set me free. I believed in that word with everything my heart could speak. In my mind, there was nothing between my heart and mind I wouldn’t do for them. That means there was no thinking because there was love. And love did it all. Love never thought about itself cause love was devoted.

I had to understand and turn the responsibility from others and hold myself accounting for the things I actually thought that people owed me. The more I saw how great I was, and the more highly I started to look at myself, the more I realized I had it. It was hard to go through a journey and feel alone. You’re waiting for a hand until you start realizing how waiting keeps you paralyzed. How could you put any blame on anyone outside of you when you have so much.

As soon as the ones you love lack of doing affects you, the more of a ‘me life’ you begin to adopt allowing disappointment to creep in. And there goes a beautiful day. A beautiful moment and feeling washed away because of a word and an attached meaning. I came the realize the freedom is yours if you’re willing to accept it.

The Best of You is Here

When you believe, accept, and embrace who you are, you no longer apply so much weight on a word that you truly weigh more than. What I’m trying to say is when you step in that light of yours, you believe more in your abilities and no longer rely on the abilities of others to save you. To be honest, you gain the power of saving you.

When we start to take ownership of our lives and what it means to be free, we begin to shift our responsibilities to ourselves rather than others. To disregard you is to misguide you. And to misguide you is to neglect the very powers you possess. You see, it’s nobody’s business but yours to believe in the greatness you possess. It would be unfair to expect someone that can’t feel it, to understand it.

When we read Shakespeare’s poetry, we can’t fully comprehend the intent behind every world. We can only share our different interpretations. Because at the beginning of it all, Shaekepeer is the only person that can truly explain his words. Thankfully, due to our having first-class seats to our lives, who best to know the powers we possess. So regardless of what we don’t receive, never forget the many things we possess.

To believe in you is to free you from the other side of living. As soon as you sync into your ocean of depth, you begin to realize how much more you matter and how little your success has to do with anyone outside of you. Give credit where credit is due, but the end all is inside of you. So when a loved one fails to believe in you, believe in you. For how much more could someone believe in something they never really knew?

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