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Episode #110 – Learn to Take Control of Your Life and Be Happy

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When you feel like you’re losing it, what is it you do to take control of what you’re going through? Living in such a fast pace society, it’s easy to lose sight of the things that truly matter. If so, it’s important that you take a minute, a deep breath, allowing yourself to reset.

Taking a look in the mirror makes all the difference. Sometimes, ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing something I want, or, am I being conditioned to do so?

The truth of it all is, even those that are intentional find it hard to manage. It’s evident that it isn’t easy, but living a happy life requires you to take control. Life is a journey worth striving to live. But the quality of life we choose relies on the decisions we make.

If you want to take control of your life and seek answers, you’re on the right track. It’s always beneficial to reflect on where we are so that you take control as the captain. Because as a captain of your ship, you decide your destination.

In order to take control of your life, there are some really important questions that need your answering. One thing is for sure, there is no running from the truth. This very truth, you must be willing to address head-on.

Happiness is true freedom. Although a choice, a responsibility comes along with it. That’s because your choices today dictate what your tomorrow will be. Among all things, never fail to take care of yourself.

Love for Self Among All

You are more than worthy of love. I said it. There is never an obligation to accept the views and opinions of others, as your own. Who cares what people think. The best way to take control of your life, you must tap into the source, love for self.

take control

Sad to say, very few understand what loving themselves is about. We’re taught to love others and to be mindful of how we treat them. But rarely are we told to take care of the captain of our ship.

In such an outer sourced world, we forget that the work needed is inner. It all starts from the inside. Although we are taught how to treat others, we must go back to the fundamentals. And that’s loving thyself before reflecting that love onto anyone else. That’s because, without loving yourself, it’s hard to truly know what love really is.

After all, if you don’t feel it, how can you deal it? It’s by addressing the source you take control of your life. That is how a strong foundation is built, one that will endure the test of time. If you don’t love yourself, how can you be sure to love another person?

When you love who you are, you leave no room for hate. That’s because the feeling of love creates an attraction for love. Once you get that feelin, it’s hard to show up any other way. You don’t envy, you celebrate the wins of others. So in order to take that control, honesty is necessary. Are you truly loving yourself enough to navigate your ship?

Love not only creates positive vibes but also boosts your confidence. With this confidence, you shine.

What’s Your Purpose?

We live to truly live, not to exist. Therefore, understanding why you’re here only gives you something more to live for. Life gives you an opportunity while your purpose allows you to exploit it. Without purpose, how do you know which door to walk through, out of what’s presented?

The truth is, there will be many opportunities. But to take control of what’s given you have to know where it takes you. Where it takes you only matters if you already know where it is you want to go.

Too many of us fail to take control of our lives. That’s because we like clarity. It’s hard to see where you’re going if you haven’t decided where to go. Once that is in place, you’re able to determine which path will lead you there.

take control

Knowing and understanding your purpose allows you the boundaries that allow you to flourish. When that’s intact, your path to happiness smoothens allowing you to take control of what’s yours.

Take Control and Eliminate Excuses

If you are to take control of your life, it’s important that you take responsibility of your destiny. If you imagine it, it is important that you take the first step. And once that step is taken, there is no turning back. It is imperative that you follow through.

The most beautiful thing about life is, we have the free will to do whatever we want. But for whatever your decision, a result that comes with it. That is why your ability to take control becomes a priority. At the end of the day, excuses don’t take you closer, they only end up pushing you further apart.

It takes a great deal of self-control to not lose hope. Take control, take charge, and allow nothing to come in the way of reaching the heights you plan to reach. The more ownership you take, the more chances of progress there will be.

Excuses only push you further away from creating solutions. When you blame you take all accountability away from yourself. To lose accountability is to lose the ability to take control of your own destiny.

Embrace the Teachings of Life

The best teacher of life is experience. With each stage of life lies a new experience. In construction, this is referred to as a lesson learned. Among the experiences lies successes and failures. Therefore, it’s important to take these lessons in order to stretch our endurance.

The endurance we build will be necessary so that we endure all of the things that stand in our way. Life is constantly happening. I love saying that because whether we are present to it or not, it will differentiate the outcome. To take control you must take advantage of all of the lessons you’ve been blessed with it.

Life’s circumstances have always blessed me with the opportunity for growth. Therefore through it all, I’ve been able to become my better version. Join me for Episode #111 – Proven Ways to Release Yourself From Your Past. The past isn’t the present, but rather, the lessons to a better future. We don’t live by it, but rather, through the lessons, it’s provided us.

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