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Episode #111 – Proven Ways to Release Yourself From Your Past

release yourself

The past plays an important role in each and every one of our lives. But in order to live in the present, it’s important that you release yourself from it. I must say, there’s power there. The trap presents itself to those that choose to live there.

The truth is, we all have experienced some form of loss. And I think I speak for all when I say no one would like to go through it. We’re all gifted an amount of beauty. We’ve also been given the challenges that come along with it. When we start to hoard our past, along with it comes the emotional weight of past experiences that we ought to release ourselves from.

In order to free ourselves from such emotional baggage, it’s important that we remain present. Because when we are present we’re better able to experience life’s beauty. Love, joy, and happiness can only be experienced in the present moment. Therefore, the faster you release yourself from the past, the faster you get acquainted with the present. After all, that is where life is actually happening.

Too many times do we find ourselves running from the pain in order to not address the wounds from it. But without addressing the pain, we only set ourselves up for more hurt in the long run. In order for you to release yourself from the past, you have to be willing to deal with the present. If not, you find yourself constantly trying to catch up to it.

Feel the Emotion Don’t Run from It

release yourself

The reason why we avoid pain is so that we avoid the emotions that come along with it. It’s important that we allow ourselves to feel so that we connect more. If you close your eyes for a moment, I’m sure you can recall an emotional experience that made you uncomfortable. Try to visualize it clearly in your mind.

Whether the experience is one of embarrassment or one derived from the feeling of rejection, feel it. Be specific about how it felt like, recalling what triggered it. It can be overwhelming, but that’s ok. Take a step back when necessary, take a deep breath, and get back to it.  The only way to get through them, it’s important you release yourself by embracing them.

What is that emotion? Fear? Anger? Sadness? Unless you label the emotion, it’s easy for you to subconsciously dismiss them. When you can identify the emotion you relieve yourself of carrying such emotional baggage. The more baggage we carry, the further it takes us from the current moment. And that’s not living.

Release Yourself Through Feelin Your Body

I believe anything we feel emotionally connects to us physically. Therefore, after we’ve identified that feelin we must connect it to our body. Many of us feel a sense of tightness or discomfort when we weaken our emotions. Because the only way to release yourself, or empower yourself from it is by embracing it.

Sometimes we fight against these feelings. It happens. But to allow it space to appear, sometimes a deep breath, a relaxed body is needed. Fear may prevent you from allowing you to release yourself from the freedom you deserve. The emotion we exert is connected to a sensation we tend to feel, remember that.

release yourself

Make Note of the Experience

What is it that took place that brought you to the state that you’re currently in? Take a bit of time to detail that however you find fit. I recommend noting it all on paper. That way everything is fully captured. With that, you’re able to capture the interaction as it developed.

When you’re fully captivated by what had taken place, think of it from another perspective. Sometimes the way we view something clouds us from the other party. And sometimes what we perceived it to be from our perspective doesn’t always do the other party justice. Sometimes we can interpret something differently from the other’s true intentions.

This isn’t only fair to the other party, but it’s also fair to you. After all, you’re the one experiencing these unpleasant feelings. You’re the one experiencing the physical discomfort. Therefore, when you take this route you release yourself of all the unpleasantries.

If there is anyone that deserves that mobility, it’s you. If there’s anyone that deserves to live lightly, without the emotional baggage, it’s you.

Release and Celebrate the Event

Now that you’ve noted this experience, it’s time you celebrate this breakthrough. I’m in constant celebration of life and its lessons. There’s actually nothing wrong with a little break dancing. Through it all, surely nothing wrong with jumping up and down. What a wonderful way to release yourself from one stage to the next. What better way to help let go of the past than by celebrating the current moment.

This process done consistently helps release yourself of all past emotions of pain. In turn, it gives you all of the joy and happiness necessary for a quality way of living. Join me for Episode #112 – Tips to Relax Your Mind and Body in Stress. We all experience stress.

That’s because life is happening. That is why relaxing the mind and body is important. It’s the only way we fully release ourselves from all the unnecessary. With that, we’re able to focus on all the things that truly matter. Because, the truth is, we all deserve better.

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